Multiple Driving Forces Set To Propel Crypto Into The Future

Push & Pull

When you begin to view price action as a dynamic of relativity, it becomes easier to understand where weakness and strength lie within any market. Crypto is no different, and contrary to the general narrative has performed exceptionally well to date. You need to remember that this is the first cycle incorporating quantitative tightening. You also need to comprehend the force that is coming against the Crypto market.

Inflation is still exceptionally high, and although risk-on assets look bullish in the short term, there is still a lot of concern out there. Bitcoin has managed to perform relatively well in my opinion. Especially, when you compare the performance of this cycle to previous cycles, which did not have the challenges we are exposed to this time around. Sure, it’s not over yet, but there is strength to be seen and commended.

There are a number of additional catalysts that are currently busy building momentum. It is not merely the case of a single “selling point” that many are waiting on, but rather a perfect recipe of multiple ingredients. There are numerous factors at play that promise to provide a driving force for the Crypto market in the years to come.

A Currency

Those living in 1st world countries are generally unable to comprehend what has taken place in countries such as Lebanon, Argentina, and Turkey. The collapse of a currency, along with the failure of the banking sector is truly a life-and-death situation. It’s not an over-exaggeration. A shift to Crypto has literally enabled many to maintain a level of purchasing power, as well as self-custody of their finances.

For many of us, Crypto is perhaps not viewed as a currency. However, there are those who view it solely as a currency. To them, it has been an absolute lifesaver. This is likely to continue, and even rise, as global citizens continue to experience failure within governments and the banking sector.

The Shift

WEB3 and AI are likely to create enormous waves in the future. These technologies are still very much in their infancy. If you think AI has seen tremendous upside, wait until the final stages of this decade. I believe there will be enormous growth, and early investors are likely to see unparalleled returns. This doesn’t imply that AI will surge from this point on. On the contrary, I expect a heavy pullback at some point.

We experienced this behavior in DeFi, and I believe we will again see it unfold in the AI sector. Speaking of DeFi, this too is yet another advancement that is still to mature and become predominant in the world of finance. Actually, every aspect of Crypto is essentially still in its infancy. Growth, adoption, and global acceptance are still to be realized.

Self-Custody Store Of Value

Being able to hold and store your own wealth is an option that many are warming up to. This ultimately removes coins from the marketplace, which aids and assists in the process of price appreciation. The more people move towards a Crypto-powered life, the more we will experience market cap growth, and ultimately an increase in wealth.

Storing your own wealth, and having immediate access to it is extremely attractive, at least to me. Custodial services and third-party platforms should only be utilized under very specific conditions. Once you have transacted on a decentralized network from a position of self-custody, you are unlikely to go back.

Final Thoughts

I have merely touched on a few areas that are likely to be catalysts of global adoption and acceptance. When you look at how fast this industry is moving, and how all other new technologies find a “home” in the blockchain space, it really is a no-brainer. Just keep banging away… it’s only a matter of time!

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