HBD – A High-Interest Savings Account You Actually Own

Savings Or Investment?

Savings accounts usually pay extremely low-interest rates. It is actually rather difficult to think of them as savings accounts, especially when you consider inflation. If inflation is actually eating away at your savings over time then you aren’t actually saving, are you? That’s where Hives HBD “stablecoin” offers quite an exciting solution for those who believe in the Hive ecosystem and appreciate decentralization. Being a form of stablecoin, HBD is designed to be pegged to the dollar. Like many stablecoins, HBD does sometimes wander beyond the peg. However, I found this to be reasonably moderate and is often over a very short period of time. In my opinion, HBD holds its peg reasonably well.


HBD generally trades in the region of $0.97 and $1.01, which is fairly stable. On occasion, the price has surged significantly to the upside. These moves are generally very brief and create tremendous opportunities for HBD holders. Provided you have some liquid HBD on hand, you can sell the peak and then repurchase once the price returns closer to the peg. However, we are focusing more on the “savings” aspect of HBD. It’s always good to have some type of savings “on hand”, and those who are into Crypto are likely to look for some type of stablecoin when it comes to having some form of savings. Crypto holdings are extremely volatile and sometimes you just need to know you have something growing on the side that is unlikely to lose value.

Risk Is Always Present

We have previously addressed how even money in the bank is not safe from loss or “inaccessibility”. This is a worrying trend that seems to be escalating all over the world. When you consider the benefits of a Web 3-based alternative that is decentralized in nature, the benefits become obvious. This is why many will rather be exposed to potential loss in the event that something goes wrong in a decentralized world than simply choosing a typical bank. There is already loss taking place in the traditional banking system anyway, so it’s not as if it is even really a safer option. No bank is going to offer sufficient returns, in order to outpace inflation. Furthermore, we have seen many banks around the world restricting clients from accessing their own money. This move in particular actually just serves to promote Crypto alternatives.

HBD – An Income Alternative

When you consider the returns via HBD, it becomes a serious consideration as a form of Income. Those who are able to earn a significant stack over time, or simply allocate a hefty amount, are able to generate a decent level of income. I guess it would be wise to begin the journey with the intention of a supplementary form of income, as opposed to a full-blown wage replacement. We saw many suffer tremendous losses with UST. I am not saying that anything will happen to HBD but it is always wise to diversify. Furthermore, one should always consider the worst-case scenario. Hopefully, it never takes place but it is always best to be prepared.

Final Thoughts

The entire Hive ecosystem is such a great opportunity, in my opinion. There are so many opportunities available to those willing to risk and embark. Investing in a new and developing technology is always risky, but it is also where the early adopters are extremely well rewarded. Hive is a relatively well-established project and yet simultaneously has significant upside potential. These are the types of projects that I am most bullish on as I look toward the next bull market. Anyway, wishing you well on your Crypto journey, and see you in the next one!

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