Shaking The Web 2 Mindset


So, what really differentiates Web 3 from Web 2? Well, decentralization for one, and in terms of social media, censorship resistance. Everyone is an advocate of decentralization and Web 3. However, I find many still viewing Web 3 through the eyes of Web 2, which is actually counterintuitive. Embracing Web 3 will require a fresh perspective. Many are approaching a new “protocol” with an old perspective. This can be limiting in terms of Web 3 actually being utilized to its full capacity. Spending years on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have preconditioned us to think and interpret “things” a certain way. Strip down the essence of Web 3 and you arrive at the very core of what it actually has to offer in terms of superiority over Web 2. Privacy, true ownership, and censorship resistance are at the very core of Web 3.

Isn’t It Strange?

I love Hive and think it has so much to offer, even at these early stages of development and growth. However, I find an “unspoken rule” within the community rather discouraging. Why? Well, it promotes the very thing Hive is supposed to eradicate. I have come across a few instances where community members have mentioned that if anyone were to post more than three posts in a day it would be seen as spam, and the community doesn’t look kindly upon it. That is censorship. If someone is productive and oozing with knowledge and passion, why would you frown upon it? After all, his actions are “bringing life” to the ecosystem, especially if they are of a decent caliber. This is a typical Web 2 mindset.

Too Short

Another interesting Web 2 approach is to view short interactions as spam. Not necessarily, I or anyone else can impart something of tremendous advantage and power in a single sentence. At the same time, someone can craft a paragraph that essentially holds no value. Value is information or data that is beneficial or empowering. Spam doesn’t need to be short, but it often is, simply because spammers are lazy by default. Web 3 is all about “true value”, don’t be fooled by how it arrives. Web 2 thinking has programmed us to think and interpret a certain way. However, it is often true that short and continuous activity can be spammy but it’s not necessarily the case. What it boils down to is rewarding value, not penalizing it.

Production Is Value

A content creator who produces work of a relatively high standard is even greater if he can do this at a highly productive level. Imagine frowning on someone who produces a production line of quality. It literally blows my mind. Typical Web 2 thinking, if it’s “too consistent”, it’s spam. No, if the consistency is there and the quality is there, it’s value! You won’t grow an idea of “zero restrictions and freedom” by imposing “punishment” on productivity. It’s ludicrous. I myself have never posted more than three posts in a 24-hour period, but I can never actually think of expanding in that way because there are “unspoken restrictions” that render it powerless. I believe excellence should be acknowledged and rewarded, and if it can be done at a higher frequency than others, it is even more excellent. These are my views, and I am sure many will disagree, but that’s exactly what it’s all about, isn’t it?

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