Hive – Beyond Synergy

The Benefits Of An Entire Ecosystem

One very important dynamic that has the power to propel Hive beyond its competitors is that of being a living organism made up of multiple communities and developers. This immediately puts Hive on the “cutting edge” and forces one to acknowledge how much creative power is driving this project towards greatness. Development does not necessarily have to take place on the base layer, as every second layer advancement and development benefits Hive by default. The beauty here is that while Hive provides the opportunity for second-layer solutions it also simultaneously feeds off of the success of every second layer, tribe, and community. This is a dynamic even more powerful than synergy and is, in essence, a form of “compounding”. A flourishing ecosystem automatically causes Hive to flourish, as the ecosystem is grounded and given “life” from Hive.

So Much More Than A Billion Dollar Entity

When you begin to consider the current valuation and all-time high of Hive, you can immediately understand why “those in the know” are so bullish. Even a billion-dollar market cap is extremely modest and that has already been attained. During the course of 2021 HIVE surpassed a billion dollar market cap and was trading well over $3 at the time. If Hive continues to flourish during this bear market in terms of development and growth then we are in for an extremely exciting bull market. Unlike many, I am content in this bear market. It provides a window of opportunity that will most likely never be repeated. For instance, the previous low for Cardano in the previous bear market was approximately $0.029. Cardano is currently trading at $0.52 at the time of writing. The chances of ADA hitting $0.028 again at this stage of the game are extremely unlikely. It would require a swan event of mass proportion to trigger that type of price collapse. When you consider how far alts have fallen from their ATH levels it looks rather bleak, right? However, you also have to consider how much they are up from their previous bear market levels. It’s all relative and you have to put things into context.

A Great Opportunity For Accumulation

Given the nature of Hive, another perk is the ability to accumulate HIVE via “human effort”. This dynamic encourages continuous accumulation, as the financial risk, to a large degree is removed. In other words, it’s always “accumulation time” for HIVE! The bear market so far has created a fairly decent zone between $0.40 and $0.58.

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With HIVE currently trading at $0.59 at the time of writing, it really is in a pretty decent zone for accumulation. Whenever I consider an entry price, I consider the current price relative to the lows. I also consider the return in terms of regaining the previous all-time high, as well as my own prediction of a “possible outcome”. If these numbers make “sense”, then it’s game on!

Final Thoughts

Hive is clearly gearing up for greatness. It’s amazing how this “fork” has gone on to flourish and prosper in such a short amount of time. This is the final window of “real” opportunity! Once we are in the heart of the next bull cycle you will regret not making the most of this time. Enjoy this time because it is loaded with opportunities! Thanks for stopping by!

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