Leofinance – Hive’s “Wild Card”

Threads Hit The Hive Blockchain

Last week we saw the highly anticipated launch of LeoThreads. This is yet another reason why Leofinance stands a really good chance of becoming an extremely relevant and influential Crypto hub in the future. Given that there is already quite an active community, further development will only serve to bring about even more growth and abundance. Incorporating LeoThreads also helps to onboard users outside the “Crypto niche”, as there are no limitations regarding the content that can be published. This is the heartbeat and motivation behind Web 3-based opportunities, to create accessible and uncensored alternatives to the heavily centralized legacy platforms. You may not yet appreciate how valuable this can be until you have experienced the heavy hand of censorship.

Personal Experience

I have unfortunately experienced the devastation of censorship and know just how crippling it can be. In 2018 I had my Twitter account blocked for no “real reason”. If I am to guess, it was probably due to posting about ICOs and new Crypto projects. It was during this time that Facebook also banned Crypto based advertising. The sentiment was extremely negative at the time and posting about Crypto didn’t do much for your “approval ratings”. This is why I only have a Twitter account for accessing data. I am not interested in building or contributing to an entity that can just shut me down without reason or explanation. That being said, my initial account had approximately 11K followers! Followers that I had taken years to acquire, were simply erased in a moment. No, sorry, I am not interested!

Appreciation For The Hive Alternative

After such an experience, you can imagine how attractive Hive and Leofinance are to me. The fact is, I am not the only one. Many will be seeking to find a “safe place” to build and Hive offers a plethora of decentralized Web 3 communities. This is not only what people want but also so desperately need. Censorship and restriction will only increase as time goes on, ultimately pushing a global community towards Web 3 alternatives. Some are still to experience their own unique “epiphany”—that moment when years of hard work and dedication are destroyed in a moment without warning.

Final Thoughts

With the incorporation of Threads comes a more extensive and comprehensive social experience. Content creation, DeFi, and social interaction in the form of microblogging. It’s a foundational business principle that works, the more you offer, the more you attract. It’s that simple! As development continues on Leofinance the “wild card” dynamic becomes more of a probability than anything else.

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