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Coming Together

My readers will already know that I am a firm lover of passive income. I have also developed quite a penchant for blogging over the years. The last couple of years have also seen me become rather fascinated and intrigued by what is unfolding on the Hive blockchain. Interestingly enough, all three are experiencing a strong outworking and expression on Hive. Obviously, my activities and interests are not exclusive to Hive but it is rather satisfying to be able to engage in all three interests on one platform, or ecosystem. As I have mentioned, generating different forms of passive income is imperative to “capturing” the essence of Crypto. That is at least how I see it, anyway. I am always looking for new and exciting ways to generate passive Crypto income. As long as it’s passive, the initial setup process is worth the effort because regardless of the returns, the income will flow independently and continuously.

Beating Inflation

Holding dollars over the long-term is not the best idea, as inflation will ultimately capture and enslave your savings. However, Hive’s HBD offers a great savings option that when compounded over time will outpace inflation. Transferring your HBD to savings will generate an APR of 20%, which is currently above inflation and probably somewhat in line with “monetary expansion”. Compounding these returns over years will see your capital appreciate in “real terms”. Obviously, as with any investment, one needs to revisit and recalculate according to the macro adjustments. For now, HBD offers a great investment vehicle, especially to those who are earning HBD on Hive via content creation and curating.

Additional Passive Income Opportunities

Along with HBD are the multiple DeFi opportunities. Considering what the Crypto market has endured over the past year, it is only fair to think that risk-on investments such as DeFi are likely close to becoming palatable once again. You don’t want to be gaining DeFi exposure at a market peak but rather a bottom, or as close to a bottom as possible. Earning or purchasing DeFi assets at this stage of the game is not a bad idea. Hopefully, we will see a few more “bargains” before we experience a “cemented pivot”. No matter how you choose to look at it, there are decent opportunities available, especially for the long-term investor.

Creative Outworking

Being able to blog and create content on the Hive blockchain is also a great way to exercise my passion, while simultaneously earning tokens that have further utility and investment options. If you are like me, it makes sense that you would be looking to build something on Hive. Being able to incorporate these three core aspects of Crypto into a single point of expression is a game changer. Creativity does not simply take place in the creation of content but also in the construction of “income models” within the ecosystem. Everyone has their own unique Hive-based income structure in the form of blogging, curation, and various Cub Finance DeFi protocols. There are so many ways one can choose to build, don’t let a great opportunity pass you by!

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