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Establishing A Crypto Business Is Not Void Of Sacrifice

The Real Deal To some extent, someone who has managed a business has somewhat of an understanding of what’s involved in owning any type of business. On the other hand, someone who has only ever worked as an employee is rather oblivious to much… Continue Reading “Establishing A Crypto Business Is Not Void Of Sacrifice”

A Wage Is Earned… Wealth Is Created…

The Limitations Of Human Effort No matter who you are working for, you are going to face two very real obstacles to generating wealth. Firstly, a human limitation as to how many hours you are able to work, and secondly, a limitation as to… Continue Reading “A Wage Is Earned… Wealth Is Created…”

Is Financial Independence Truly Achievable?

The Motivation & Aim Of Many People spend the majority of their lives working, as well as preparing for the working world. School and study years are primarily a time of preparation. In essence, the first 60 to 65 years of a person’s life… Continue Reading “Is Financial Independence Truly Achievable?”

Passive Income – The Ultimate Move

Ongoing Project As I discussed in my latest post, choosing rather to create Crypto income models, as opposed to relying on speculation/price appreciation is definitely the superior path to travel, in my opinion. Regular readers will be aware that passive income has been a… Continue Reading “Passive Income – The Ultimate Move”

Crypto’s Next Chapter – Beyond Investment

Identifying The True Path Crypto has always been a market that has experienced tremendous growth cycles, followed by deep retracements. However, this particular dynamic has always been favorable to those who understand and appropriate it correctly. Yes, the appreciation of price is beneficial to… Continue Reading “Crypto’s Next Chapter – Beyond Investment”

Finding Value When Value Is Lost – Five Key Points

A Skewed Reality Humans are inherently uncomfortable with uncertainty. Unfortunately, this is the only path one can travel when it comes to investments, especially Crypto. Observing the Crypto market after the carnage of a full-blown bear market is somewhat similar to looking out across… Continue Reading “Finding Value When Value Is Lost – Five Key Points”

The Essence Of Passive Income & How It Changes Everything

The Gift That Keeps On Giving Even if it is just momentary, the recent price appreciation across the Crypto sector has definitely helped to boost passive earnings. This is a dynamic that will always take place from time to time. If anything, it serves… Continue Reading “The Essence Of Passive Income & How It Changes Everything”

My “Business” Approach To Hive

More Than A Blog For many, Hive is more than a blog, it’s a way of life. A dedicated community continues to engage and produce top-quality content on a continuous basis. The mental image of a beehive is actually quite an accurate analogy. The… Continue Reading “My “Business” Approach To Hive”

The Challenge Every Cryptoneur Has To Overcome

A Viable Alternative It is difficult to comprehend how any good could have come out of the covid lockdowns. However, there were a few instances where, given the correct approach, a positive outcome was attainable. Being unable to work forced many individuals to explore… Continue Reading “The Challenge Every Cryptoneur Has To Overcome”

Creating Your Own Economy

This Is The Real Shift Passive income and monetization methods have always been of interest to me. Approximately five years ago, I was intrigued by the idea of actually creating my own little economy. After discovering a wealth of opportunities and ideas within the… Continue Reading “Creating Your Own Economy”