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CUB Finance – Compounding Against The Curve

Launch Day Nostalgia I am not sure how many of you were actively engaged when CUB launched back in early 2021. It was quite a tremendous blast-off, I can remember that much! CUB managed to breach $12 within the first 48 hours, completely outperforming… Continue Reading “CUB Finance – Compounding Against The Curve”

It Is No Longer About Price

Don’t Get Stuck If you are new to Crypto, you may find yourself checking CoinGecko or LunarCrush every 10 minutes, desperate for some bullish action. It makes sense, it’s exciting, right? The only thing is unless you are planning on selling, it is pretty… Continue Reading “It Is No Longer About Price”

Early Crypto Adopters Leading The Way In Employment Independence

Is It Even Employment? I specifically used the term “Employment” in the title of this article in order to attract the attention of the current global workforce. However, a more accurate description would actually be “Income Independence”. Readers need to be made aware of… Continue Reading “Early Crypto Adopters Leading The Way In Employment Independence”

An Objective View Of Hi Dollar – Benefits & Potential Pitfalls

The Team & Stability I began collecting my daily Hi back in September of 2021. It was still a very new project back then, which seemed to be receiving a fair amount of recognition based on the team that was heading it up! Former… Continue Reading “An Objective View Of Hi Dollar – Benefits & Potential Pitfalls”

Building A Small Business In The Hive Ecosystem

For Content Creators Although this is an approach for content creators, it can also work for those offering and providing great curation on the Hive ecosystem. I remember joining Steemit back in 2016 or 2017, I can’t quite remember now but I do remember… Continue Reading “Building A Small Business In The Hive Ecosystem”

Hedging Your Portfolio Through Daily Habits

Multiple Ways To Get The Job Done Discerning market trends and short-term cycles can be extremely hard at times. Just look at today, an announcement by the FED can send the market tumbling in an instant. It doesn’t matter if the technicals and fundamentals… Continue Reading “Hedging Your Portfolio Through Daily Habits”

Investing & Spending – How I Marry The Two

Is That Even Possible One of the most basic principles in finance is that you can’t become wealthy by spending. It seems pretty basic and yet we are surrounded by many poor, rich individuals. Rich because they earn a sizable income and poor because… Continue Reading “Investing & Spending – How I Marry The Two”

How Buying A Coin Can Equate To Buying A Business

Perspective & Mindset When you really start to examine Crypto success stories that were calculated, in other words, the individuals involved actually set out to succeed. You begin to see how much the mindset and perspective of a person can either enhance or limit… Continue Reading “How Buying A Coin Can Equate To Buying A Business”

Crypto & The Brilliance Of The Incentivized Economy

The Starting Point I think for most of us who have been involved in Crypto for a number of years, the story is quite similar. Different ways of earning and learning were instrumental in onboarding us to the Crypto lifestyle. While doing a lot… Continue Reading “Crypto & The Brilliance Of The Incentivized Economy”

True To My Convictions Irrespective Of Price

Dedication That Rewards I spent many years in the business world running businesses and sometimes managing as many as 60 staff members. Extreme dedication and long exhaustive hours were the order of the day. When I look at my reward for dedication within the… Continue Reading “True To My Convictions Irrespective Of Price”