Ethereum & The Ancient Delicacies Of Centralization

The Ultimate Anti-Climax Ethereum’s recent shift to POS marked the beginning of what many considered to be a rebirthing, an event that would forever change the course of ETH. However, at least in my opinion, not much has changed. The changes that we do… Continue Reading “Ethereum & The Ancient Delicacies Of Centralization”

Overconfidence – The Achille’s Heel Smart Money Preys on

The Ultimate Net Do you remember when ETH was at $2K during the bear market of 2022? You will recall that at exactly the same time, news broke out about BlackRock entering the Crypto space. Everyone was zapped and fell prey to the snare… Continue Reading “Overconfidence – The Achille’s Heel Smart Money Preys on”

Decentralization Becomes Imperative In 2023

The Golden Thread Decentralization has always been something that Crypto purists have held in high esteem, and for good reason. This has been my motivation, especially, in regard to blockchains like Hive, Ravencoin, and a few others. There are no guarantees when it comes… Continue Reading “Decentralization Becomes Imperative In 2023”

Still To Make Its Mark?

Centralized Implosion Last year was an absolute disaster on so many fronts and in so many ways. Ultimately, we witnessed the devastating effects of centralization, and just how dangerous it really is. There is no such thing as “too big to fail” when it… Continue Reading “Still To Make Its Mark?”

The Layer 1 Dilemma

Amazing Returns Layer 1 blockchains have been at the forefront of securing spectacular gains for investors ever since Ethereum launched at $0.31. Projects such as Solana, Cardano, and BNB have all gone on to secure enormous gains. Yes, even at current prices, Solana is… Continue Reading “The Layer 1 Dilemma”

Solana – A Lesson In Decentralization

Collateral Damage Solana fans must be extremely disappointed as the FTX debacle continues to haunt and decay a once flourishing ecosystem. Next to ETH, Solana was primed for greatness and mass adoption. It’s no secret that Sam Bankman-Fried’s endorsement and investment in Solana helped… Continue Reading “Solana – A Lesson In Decentralization”

The Tokenization Of Real-World Assets & A Blockchain To Empower It

Not A New Idea The idea of tokenization has been around for some time and began to garner serious attention back in 2016 and 2017. However, the bear market that followed put an incredible damper on the idea, especially since it was a bear… Continue Reading “The Tokenization Of Real-World Assets & A Blockchain To Empower It”

Web 3, Decentralization & The World It Promotes

There Is No Perfect World Despite the fact that there is no perfect world, or system, the benefits of a decentralized life are rather obvious. Whenever a select minority has control, corruption follows. Power corrupts, which is why the more hands that hold an… Continue Reading “Web 3, Decentralization & The World It Promotes”

Hedging Your Ethereum Investment

A New Chapter The Merge marks a new chapter in the evolution and progression of Ethereum. Although, some would not necessarily consider a shift to POS progression. Either way, it signals a new phase, and hopefully one that will be beneficial. I personally began… Continue Reading “Hedging Your Ethereum Investment”

Crypto Is About To Enter A Sweet Spot

Incorrectly Interpreting Data Leading up to the Merge, many were extremely bullish. Ethereum had just hit $2K and it had just been announced that BlackRock was about to enter the space in a very “real” way. Long-term, this is bullish. However, in the short… Continue Reading “Crypto Is About To Enter A Sweet Spot”