Atomic Wallet – Self-Custody Under Attack?

Atomic Wallet Hacked On Saturday, the 3rd of June, Atomic Wallet released a statement via their official Twitter account that numerous users had reported a loss of funds. A few hours prior to writing this article, Atomic Wallet announced that less than 1% of… Continue Reading “Atomic Wallet – Self-Custody Under Attack?”

PayPal’s Non-Custodial Enhancement Will Assist Adoption

I Am Quite Surprised I must be honest, I did not envision this day coming, or at least not so soon! One of the reasons is that by not allowing direct withdrawals to non-custodial wallets, the platform and the government benefit. People earning “PayPal… Continue Reading “PayPal’s Non-Custodial Enhancement Will Assist Adoption”

Dopamine – DeFi-Centered Mobile Wallet/App

Finance 3.0 Dopamine is a new wallet that has recently launched, sporting over 1 million downloads prior to the distribution of the DOPE token. The mobile wallet and app aims to marry DeFi and self custody, as well as market related applications. Crypto users… Continue Reading “Dopamine – DeFi-Centered Mobile Wallet/App”