Regulatory Uncertainty Enhances Market Weakness – An Easy Hand To Play

Driving Forces Markets are directed by rather simple dynamics, which are in many ways aimed at influencing the emotions of market participants. If you want to see the price of tomatoes go through the roof, create a shortage. If you want to see the… Continue Reading “Regulatory Uncertainty Enhances Market Weakness – An Easy Hand To Play”

The Dollar – Investors Vote With Their Wallets

DXY Continues To Surge It has long been said that in times of trouble and uncertainty, investors move into gold, as a safe haven asset. This trend has been silently dying, in my opinion. The idea that gold is no longer a store of… Continue Reading “The Dollar – Investors Vote With Their Wallets”

Bitcoin – Let’s Get Back To The Charts

Time For An Update I have not presented any technical analysis for a week or so, due to the fact that nothing had really changed. In many ways that is still the case. There are a number of traders out there who are becoming… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Let’s Get Back To The Charts”

Understanding The Relativity Dynamic That Dictates Price

Laws That Govern All markets are binary in nature and operate on multiple levels of relativity. These are inherent laws, or dynamics if you will that govern and direct markets. Most are aware of the fundamental and most basic relativity ratio that decides price.… Continue Reading “Understanding The Relativity Dynamic That Dictates Price”

Leofinance – A Point Of Reference

Crypto Twitter Is A Joke Apart from a handful of accounts, CT is an absolute joke. I could never spend endless hours perusing the content that is consumed and published on CT. For the most part, it’s just a continuous flow of single isolated… Continue Reading “Leofinance – A Point Of Reference”

Time To Rethink Your Crypto Income Strategy?

The Birthplace Of Creativity When markets move lower than expected, and for longer than expected, many find themselves in a challenging position. Simply buying Crypto assets as a speculator is not something that is going to be paying off anytime soon. Forget about 20%… Continue Reading “Time To Rethink Your Crypto Income Strategy?”

Selling Your Unused Bandwidth For Crypto?

Yet Another Opportunity This might not necessarily be something that everyone would consider, but for those looking to monetize their unused bandwidth, there are a couple of opportunities out there worth considering. Many are open to the idea of setting up small passive income… Continue Reading “Selling Your Unused Bandwidth For Crypto?”

Reversed Polarity

Markets Edge Higher The Crypto market has had a slow rise to the upside, which is good, Isn’t it? Well, when it comes to markets unless you are scalping, understanding where the destination point is can help a lot. Many say that you cannot… Continue Reading “Reversed Polarity”

Do You Understand The Hierarchy Of The Market?

Introduction Markets move based on confluence. This confluence is attained by the collection of relevant data. The data points are in turn gained from the different levels of indicators. Let’s address some basics. In a bull market, an effective trader buys dips. This strategy… Continue Reading “Do You Understand The Hierarchy Of The Market?”

“Short” ETH – What I Am Expecting In The Market

Bulls Keep Pushing One of the most obvious signs of strength in the market is the weakness of resistance. However, that is not what we are experiencing at all. BTC continues to find meaningful resistance at $24.500. I expect that even if BTC were… Continue Reading ““Short” ETH – What I Am Expecting In The Market”