Crypto Is Encouraging Society To Take Financial Responsibility

The Genesis Block

Ever since Satoshi unleashed Bitcoin into the world, there has been a growing desire amongst society for financial independence. This desire has subsequently encouraged people to become financially knowledgeable. What we are now seeing is a shift, a shift toward financial sovereignty and independence. Obviously, there is a lot of pushback taking place from the “powers that be”. Much of this resistance is somewhat visible, while other aspects of this “war” are unknown and unseen. There is a lot at stake, and even though restrictions and regulations are unavoidable, there is only so much that they can actually do. We have entered a new “expression of money” and there is simply no going back now. Many governments and regulators realize this.

Never before has the average person been so aware and knowledgeable of the financial sector. In years past, our parents simply worked for their money and entrusted somebody else with the responsibility of handling their financial life. Apart from drawing up a monthly budget, how their money was invested was up to a “suit” somewhere in an office. There has always been this belief that financial matters are simply too complicated for the average person. Not only is this untrue, but many of these “entrusted guardians” are actually unfit to make wise decisions. When you look at the current policies and responses from the so-called experienced and knowledgeable, it becomes clear that they are simply not as amazing as everyone thought. Yes, there are those who are actually quite talented, but if you are uneducated in financial matters, how would you know?

Back To School

There are many who have chosen to educate themselves in regard to finances, and Crypto, in particular. The world is currently full of “weekend warriors” trying to gain an advantage and become stewards of their own finances and wealth. You have to ask yourself why people feel that such drastic measures need to be taken. Are people beginning to lose complete trust in the current monetary system? Why are they so determined to become educated and knowledgeable in regard to Crypto and finances as a whole? Even prominent Crypto exchanges are providing “learn & earn” opportunities, which incentivize users to gain knowledge and understanding of the Crypto world.

An Awakening

There appears to be a genuine thirst for knowledge. Perhaps, people are finally beginning to realize that nobody cares more about their money than them! The recent degradation of trust through the implementation of certain policies has perhaps caused people to realize that the self-custody of finances is paramount. As pressure continues to mount in the financial realm, banks and third-party entities begin to shudder. The fact that the Vatican has ordered the return of all funds to the Vatican Bank should be an indication that it chooses self-custody over typical banking entities during this time. Make of it what you will, but it’s a little more than coincidental, in my opinion. When you have great wealth, you automatically by default select the safest place to hold it. There could always be other reasons behind this move, but one can’t help but wonder, why now?

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the reasons, people are turning to Crypto and self-custody during these perilous times. This requires education, and people are prepared to become educated in order to make that move. No matter what happens next, a revolution has begun. We are entering into a new age of money, and nothing is going to stop it. This transition will however be frustrated, but not stopped, in my opinion. This will ultimately test the strength of Bitcoin’s antifragility.

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