Crypto Goals – Shifting The Goalposts

Above & Beyond

Initially, when I entered the Crypto space, I automatically began to formulate some goals. I think this is something that many of us do, without even realizing it. We want to envision the future possibilities and benefits of our endeavors today. This is the typical response of any individual that has ambition and drive. Crypto is unlike any asset class, in that it completely outperformed my “early” expectations. As I have continued in this space, I have come to realize just how enormous the potential truly is. My early goals and targets were completely dwarfed by reality, which is truly an amazing experience. Oftentimes in life, our expectations are disappointed by reality. What we initially envisioned, never materialized, and we are left feeling disappointed. However, this is not the case when it comes to Crypto, at least for me, in this particular instance.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how well events have turned out over the years. There have of course been challenges, and even “roadblocks”, but I have endeavored to always make adjustments, when necessary. This has obviously led to the creation of fresh goals, as well as the extension of existing goals. Subsequently, this has also encouraged me to consider a much longer time horizon, in view of the tremendous potential. Even prior to the bull market 0f 2021, I had already set my sights on 2025. I believe that whatever I am able to build within this timeline will ultimately create a solid foundation for ongoing Crypto income well into the future.

It Is That Extreme

I have noticed that without laser focus and dedication, goals simply slip away. The goalpost gets lowered, and complacency begins to set in. This has been a form of motivation for me. If I can maintain my daily, weekly, and monthly goals then I am able to experience progress. Once you become accustomed to meeting goals on an ongoing basis, something else begins to take place. Your abilities and limitations begin to increase. You find that you become even more effective and productive. This ultimately leads to expansion. I firmly believe that once you have habitually begun to meet your goals over an extended period of time, the bar should be lifted.

We often speak of the compounding effect within the world of economics, but it doesn’t end there. What about the compounding effect of your own work and effort? This is a principle that only an entrepreneurial spirit can appreciate. Working for an immediate reward in exchange for the hours offered is a mindset that is at enmity to building something of value, over an extended period of time. The compounding of finances, together with time, as one becomes super productive is a truly powerful dynamic. Once again, we have a form of synergy coming together that is extremely effective.

Looking Back

As I look back on what I have personally seen and experienced over the years, I am encouraged to push as hard as I can, so as to establish as much as possible by 2025. This bear market has had additional firepower in terms of the macro environment. This has resulted in an opportunity of unparalleled proportion. I believe that the opportunity we have at our disposal will not be repeated again, at least not to this magnitude. Not only is it a great opportunity, but it also comes with the benefit of “time”. There is still time to build and develop, and that makes it all the more attractive.

Final Thoughts

Despite many wishing that the bear market was a thing of the past, it is actually a window of opportunity. A window that likely still has some time before it shuts, and prices move significantly higher. I continue to work at my own personal goals, in the hope that what I have sown will ultimately yield a good harvest. If you don’t plant anything today, don’t expect to reap anything in harvesttime.

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