Crypto, & The Motivations That Drive Us

What Get’s You Up In The Morning?

For many of us, Crypto is a way of life. For some, it is simply a “side hustle”, while for others it is something a lot more meaningful. Either way, it plays an important role in all of our lives. Perhaps, the more significant the role, the stronger the motivation. Reading through a couple of posts on Hive this morning left me pondering the many different motivations that seem to fuel much of the community. There are those looking to supplement their income via Crypto, while others are building a “stash” for retirement. Then again, there are others looking to earn a full-time income, as well as those looking to create a passive form of income. Passive income is probably one of the most important, if not, the most important forms of income, especially during these challenging times.

In a time when many are suffering the effects of inflation, and stagnant wages, nothing can be more of a comfort than additional income that requires no work. This is something that I have addressed over and over, as I believe it is at the “core” of Crypto’s essence, and the advantages it introduces to the world. We are all motivated by unique situations and “dreams”. However, we all share a common ground. Without a motivation that drives us, we become stagnant. The stronger that motivation, the further we are willing to go, and the more we are willing to do.

Visualization & Specifics

It’s funny, many who enter the space simply to “make money” never seem to last. However, those who choose to work towards a very specific goal, often experience some level of success. Building a Crypto-based business, becoming an established content creator, or even building up a passive income empire, are just some of the goals that fuel Cryptoneurs on a daily basis. If you want to stay the course, you need to envision an end goal. You need to work towards more than just money. How are you going to appropriate that money? Being able to answer that question with a very specific answer will make all the difference when it comes to the “potency” of your motivation. When there is a very specific goal or destination it becomes a lot easier to stay committed. The end goal has a very personal sense of accomplishment due to its motivational reasoning.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

I have personally seen many “slip away”. As the market began to drop, so did they. Some did not even last a month. The first sign of a significant challenge and they threw in the towel. However, at the onset of their so-called journey, they were extremely optimistic and full of ideas. How quickly that disappeared. This is the reality and product of a “shallow motivation”. It won’t get you very far at all. This is why I always encourage newcomers to “count the cost”! Don’t even embark on this journey until you really know what you wish to accomplish. Furthermore, understand the risks, because they are real.

Encouragement & Motivation

Browsing through the content on Hive and Leofinance on any given day is always an encouragement. Many choose to share their goals and the progress they have made and are still making. When you are able to see firsthand, just how effective a goal together with dedication can be, you can’t help but be encouraged and motivated. Hive is full of “zero to hero” stories, and there’s no reason why you can’t be one of them!

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