AI Continues To Dominate – Double Digit Pumps!

Trending Again!

Well, it seems as if AI-based projects are experiencing another surge today. The past month, in particular, has been an incredibly profitable time for investors, as AI has been dominating the Crypto market. Many of these projects still fall into the micro-cap category, and as a result, have tremendous upside potential. Many are most likely familiar with, which is now a Top 100 Cryptocurrency.

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FET was up 31% at the time of writing today, which is extremely powerful when compared to the broader Crypto market. In total, FET is up in excess of 100% over the past week alone. Another AI project that I identified some time back is up even more than Kambria (KAT) was up in excess of 61% at the time of writing.

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Kambria caught my eye a little over a year ago. It’s a potential gem tradeable on KuCoin. Considering that Kambria’s market cap is only $14 million, it’s definitely a risk worth taking in my opinion. This is a great risk/reward ratio, especially since the project has displayed that it is able to pump hundreds of percent, while simultaneously maintaining value.

AI projects could well become rather volatile once the initial stage of their growth cycle nears completion. Perhaps, similar to the DeFi boom and bust in 2020, which led to another significant leg up in 2021. It’s difficult to say, and so at some stage of the game, the risk really kicks in. Correctly identifying where that might be could mean the difference between “making bank” and becoming exit liquidity.

However, once again I believe that AI will follow the DeFi path. This would suggest that AI will be a leading trend in the upcoming bull market, despite having its own initial “private bull market”. I continue to monitor KAT, in particular, as the growth potential of this altcoin is enormous. A project below $100 million that ticks certain boxes attracts my attention immediately.

Addition: KAT is currently trading + 127%!

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