Leveraging Crypto As A Solution To Financial Instability

Price Fixation

With the onset of a bear market comes the usual fixation with price. Many “investors” forget that there are projects, teams, and road maps associated with the coins and tokens they hold. Investors are simply holding out, desperate for the market to turn. However, while many become disillusioned, there are those who are turning towards the plethora of income-generating opportunities within the Crypto space. There is simply no better time to begin accumulation than now. If you are able to do so without parting with your own capital, all the better.

The Penny Is Dropping

This realization is beginning to hit home, slowly but surely. This is especially powerful for those suffering the effects of hyperinflation. I think of countries such as Argentina and Turkey. Last time I checked inflation in Argentina was 83%. This is a far cry from the 8.2% that we consider to be so devastating. Is it not imperative for people caught up in such a scenario to supplement their income? I would think so. I believe it is beneficial for everyone to begin “bulking up”, regardless of whether they need it or not.

The future is unknown and building up a buffer makes a lot of sense. This is especially true when it comes to Crypto, as the chances of the value appreciating over time are extremely high. We are however faced with a recurring “mindset” with every bear market. It seems many become cautious, and even skeptical, doubting whether valuations will ever rise again. I have seen this numerous times. Eventually, prices do however rise and go on to shatter previous highs. As usual, the ones who were cautious during the bearish times suddenly throw caution to the wind and subsequently get “stuck” at the peak.

Zoom Out

In order to accurately discern the cycles, one has to zoom out and objectively view the situation. It’s always the emotions that cause people to hold back when they should be moving in, and vice versa. Fortunately, with opportunities that exist within the Crypto space, individuals are able to amass Crypto without any expense. This is extremely powerful, but only to those who recognize, identify, and utilize the opportunity.

This is perhaps where many are able to escape total destruction. There are many locations in the world where the population manages to survive on a few hundred dollars a month. Opportunities within the Crypto space are not only able to supplement these living costs but actually exceed them. There are many who have already realized this and so have gone on to escape the fate that so many others have fallen victim to. This is the reality that so many are still completely oblivious to.

The economic construct is changing. I think that many are unable to understand the opportunities at hand because they are still filtering everything through a mindset that is tethered to the existing system. Subsequently, anything outside of this understanding is perceived as false, impossible, or a scam.

Another Benefit

The more Crypto assets are accumulated and held outside of exchanges and centralized entities, the healthier “our economy” becomes. This is why Hive and other such opportunities are so great. For the most part, the majority of coins and tokens in circulation are “locked up” on-chain in staking protocols. This removes power from centralized entities. He who holds the biggest stake has the most sway!

I think that there is a level of safety, as well, it’s not just about generating and earning Crypto income! It’s about having and holding value outside of centralized and “controlled” entities. A lot of people think that those who promote this type of thinking are part of the “tinfoil hat” brigade. However, look at what happened with Celsius and numerous other entities.

There is much to be said in regard to the benefits of self-custody. It really is the superior option for multiple reasons. One can always have funds on centralized entities as well. However, I would suggest a nominal amount. I definitely wouldn’t advise keeping the majority of your assets on such platforms. However, I am not a financial advisor, it’s simply my opinion.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to begin making use of the opportunities available to you! There is a significant amount of “provision” available to the average person. Those who have chosen to make the most of these opportunities have in many cases changed their financial position. This is a lot more powerful than many are able to comprehend. The best way to find out is to get started!

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