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Crypto & The Degradation Of Middle Class Society

An Integral Aspect Of Social Structure Regardless of the country or jurisdiction, the middle class has always been the heartbeat of any society. These are your employed and self-employed individuals. This particular class of society generally enjoys a level of independence and is not… Continue Reading “Crypto & The Degradation Of Middle Class Society”

The Benefits Of Building A Business Within A Digital Economy

Consumption & Production Economies revolve around the consumption and production of goods and services. Since the inception of the internet, online business models have sought to combine the “real” world with the “virtual” world. In many of these instances, the online aspect merely played… Continue Reading “The Benefits Of Building A Business Within A Digital Economy”

Positioning Within Inflationary-Based Asset Models

Positive Aspects Of Inflation When it comes to Crypto projects, one of the most important aspects of success is that of tokenomics. This incorporates the “minting” of new coins via an inflationary-based model. Yes, much to the surprise of some, even Bitcoin is an… Continue Reading “Positioning Within Inflationary-Based Asset Models”

Living off Crypto & The Future Redundancy Of Traditional Employment

Dedication Or Compulsion? Individuals all around the world wake up each day to devote themselves to their jobs and careers. I say jobs as well as careers, for they are quite different in nature, especially when considering the unique motivation behind each of them.… Continue Reading “Living off Crypto & The Future Redundancy Of Traditional Employment”

Ecosystems Are The New Economies

Everything Eventually Gets Restructured Economies are what we all rely on in order to make a living and enjoy having access to goods and services. Essentially, providing a service generates revenue, while simultaneously bringing about trade and creating employment. This is the “flow” that… Continue Reading “Ecosystems Are The New Economies”

Crypto’s Next Chapter – Beyond Investment

Identifying The True Path Crypto has always been a market that has experienced tremendous growth cycles, followed by deep retracements. However, this particular dynamic has always been favorable to those who understand and appropriate it correctly. Yes, the appreciation of price is beneficial to… Continue Reading “Crypto’s Next Chapter – Beyond Investment”

The Challenge Every Cryptoneur Has To Overcome

A Viable Alternative It is difficult to comprehend how any good could have come out of the covid lockdowns. However, there were a few instances where, given the correct approach, a positive outcome was attainable. Being unable to work forced many individuals to explore… Continue Reading “The Challenge Every Cryptoneur Has To Overcome”

Creating Your Own Economy

This Is The Real Shift Passive income and monetization methods have always been of interest to me. Approximately five years ago, I was intrigued by the idea of actually creating my own little economy. After discovering a wealth of opportunities and ideas within the… Continue Reading “Creating Your Own Economy”

Hive – A Level Of Defence

Time To Adjust Your Approach Many new investors initially enticed by explosive Crypto Gains have since discovered that this “Crypto Thing” is not as easy as it looks. It’s like anything. A skilled sportsman can make moves appear effortless which would leave most of… Continue Reading “Hive – A Level Of Defence”

A Future With Bitcoin – Lightning Is A Game Changer

Who Would Have Thought? It wasn’t too long ago that El Salvador rolled out Bitcoin as a form of payment and legal tender. Unfortunately, this took place during the highs of 2021, making an already controversial move even more so. Had this move been… Continue Reading “A Future With Bitcoin – Lightning Is A Game Changer”

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