Living off Crypto & The Future Redundancy Of Traditional Employment

Dedication Or Compulsion?

Individuals all around the world wake up each day to devote themselves to their jobs and careers. I say jobs as well as careers, for they are quite different in nature, especially when considering the unique motivation behind each of them. A career-oriented individual is generally driven by goals of accomplishment and self-improvement. An employee, on the other hand, simply arrives at work under compulsion.

Their motivation is purely monetary, and given the opportunity, they would walk away at the drop of a hat. However, those chasing their career goals are motivated by the idea of a better life. For them, a victory implies betterment and financial gain. On the other hand, the average employee would gladly ditch their job if they were able to somehow compensate for their paycheck.

It’s no secret that AI threatens a lot of jobs on the ground. However, those working a career are less likely to be replaced. Doctors, lawyers, and engineers are always needed, often to the point that there is a scarcity of their particular skill set. Simultaneously, as the employment sector is busy being remodeled, Crypto ecosystems are becoming more and more prevalent. Ecosystems that function and operate as independent economies.

Traditional employment will soon be in competition with Crypto economies, as income generation is now possible outside of formal and traditional employment models. This has already been realized by a select few. However, as the employment landscape continues to face multiple challenges, Crypto economies will soon begin to garner significant attention. Those not in hot pursuit of very specific career-driven goals are likely to opt out of traditional employment.

Significant Change

Both technological advancements and revolutions have a way of bringing about significant changes in how, we as humans, behave and operate. It needs to be understood that we are once again at the cusp of a rather significant shift that will forever alter how we work, engage, and operate. Essentially, newer income models will begin to eat away at the existing infrastructure. It’s a process that will inevitably cause traditional employment to shrink.

Once people begin to see that they can match their existing salaries via an avenue that offers independence and greater freedoms, acceleration will kick in. As mentioned in a recent post, if you have income being generated and distributed from within the Crypto ecosystem, you are not reliant on traditional banking services either. Once a person has worked to build and solidify a “business” within the Crypto ecosystem, the rewards are undeniable.

This is how transformation takes place… slowly then suddenly! It’s also important to note that Crypto opportunities become even more attractive and viable in a bull market. We have already endured a rather lengthy bear market, which serves to suggest that a fresh bull market is not too far off. Hopefully, some form of regulatory clarity will be in place by the time we are in the heart of the next bull market.

Final Thoughts

Despite heavy regulatory pressure, it’s quite clear where things are heading, and the abundance of opportunities is only going to increase as time passes. The dynamic of decentralization also acts as a favorable driving force, ultimately, securing further growth and adoption. Governments and regulators can only “frustrate” the process. Change is here to stay!

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