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Migration To Crypto & WEB3-Based Alternatives

Maximizing Early Opportunities Many Crypto enthusiasts have taken the leap and moved in favor of WEB3-based social media alternatives. This has been motivated by four primary reasons, and four very important reasons if we are to be objective and honest about the matter. These… Continue Reading “Migration To Crypto & WEB3-Based Alternatives”

My Primary Concern Regarding AI

Learn To Live With It When it comes to certain aspects of AI, I am not a big fan at all. Yes, in many ways, AI can simplify and enhance certain processes. However, in certain areas, it’s actually not that great. One of those… Continue Reading “My Primary Concern Regarding AI”

Shaking The Web 2 Mindset

Preconditioned So, what really differentiates Web 3 from Web 2? Well, decentralization for one, and in terms of social media, censorship resistance. Everyone is an advocate of decentralization and Web 3. However, I find many still viewing Web 3 through the eyes of Web… Continue Reading “Shaking The Web 2 Mindset”

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Crypto – The Latest Trend Of Geo-Blocking

Canada Triggers A New Trend Ever since Canada recently began freezing bank accounts, financial censorship has been on the rise. I know geo-blocking is by no means something new but it is definitely experiencing a surge and especially among large Crypto entities. As recently… Continue Reading “Crypto – The Latest Trend Of Geo-Blocking”

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