My Primary Concern Regarding AI

Learn To Live With It

When it comes to certain aspects of AI, I am not a big fan at all. Yes, in many ways, AI can simplify and enhance certain processes. However, in certain areas, it’s actually not that great. One of those areas is the creation of content. This has been a hot topic on Hive, and especially Leofinance over the past month or so. Generally, the majority of us are not in support of utilizing AI in order to produce content.

It’s a rational viewpoint. At the end of the day, personal opinions, thought processes, and future insights are lost. Some may argue that AI is just making use of “data” that is already in existence, and therefore still has the abovementioned attributes somewhere in the mix. I disagree, and the very reason for my stance is my primary concern, which I am about to unpack. At the end of the day, the data that I personally extract is of greater value.

Why? Because it’s decentralized! It’s coming from multiple sources and from people with varying opinions. When it comes to stats, I am able to cross-check, verify, and ensure that there is at least some level of accuracy and authenticity. Once again, many will perhaps argue that AI is also extracting data from multiple sources. True, however, there is an exploitable aspect in regard to AI, and it’s rather concerning.

Conditioning Of Society

For example, everything that is created by a certain AI platform can be preprogrammed with a certain bias. It can also be programmed to exclude certain information. This would be the perfect tool to push something like a woke agenda, or any other agenda, for that matter. In other words, if society is simply going to rely on a single input, which is likely to be somewhat biased, eventually, what you “know” is what the owners of these platforms want you to know.

Sure, in the initial stages, everything will appear rather unbiased and factual. However, give it a few years and I am sure it will become rather obvious that AI has the ability to be utilized as a means to condition society. For some, this sounds a little bit out there, right? Not really! Didn’t it also sound a bit out there when I said in 2022 that 2023 was going to be the year of a banking collapse?

Who would have thought that banks would get shut down, trade halted on the NYSE, and even certain banking stocks literally going to zero? Do you remember all the woke skeletons that came out of the closet when Musk took over Twitter? It became clear that Twitter was being leveraged as a weapon for woke ideology, in terms of pushing certain agendas and silencing others. Can you imagine this scenario under the influence of AI?

The Loss Of Personal Expression

AI has the ability to be way more effective than any other means when it comes to asserting a certain viewpoint, while simultaneously silencing another. This is a very real risk, and to some, a very real temptation. It’s extremely easy to weaponize AI, and that’s a very real concern for society, as a whole. Furthermore, allowing somebody or something to think for you will eventually eat away at the soul of society.

What makes Hive such a dynamic hub? Well, it’s the abundance of personalities uniquely expressing themselves in a way that comes naturally. Remove personal expression and what do you have? Sounds like the “rise of the machines”. Relying on AI for information and the production of content is a surrendering of your will and expression. Not quite sure how libertarians can go along with that, but anyway.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, there are certain processes that lend themselves well to AI and can truly benefit from the incorporation of AI. However, it is advisable to exercise caution when it comes to simply applying AI to every aspect of life. Personally, I hope the majority of the Hive community remains with the anti-AI viewpoint. As a censorship-resistant platform, you can’t outlaw it… but you can ignore it. See you next time!

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