Migration To Crypto & WEB3-Based Alternatives

Maximizing Early Opportunities

Many Crypto enthusiasts have taken the leap and moved in favor of WEB3-based social media alternatives. This has been motivated by four primary reasons, and four very important reasons if we are to be objective and honest about the matter. These reasons are as follows:

Now, social media is not the only sector that has Crypto-based alternatives. There are numerous other “services” that people make use of every day, that too, offer Crypto alternatives. Many of these services also have an aspect of monetization associated with them, and so are already more attractive than existing legacy-styled services and applications. In my opinion, it’s better to make use of decentralized alternatives that simultaneously offer Crypto rewards for “use” and interaction with the Dapp, or service in question.

Not all of them have a built-in economic model. However, many of them do, and I believe that this will become more and more prevalent as time passes. This is very much in line with how I see the new economy coming to formation and fruition. This is the “incentivized economy” that will operate via a tokenized model. Tokenization will eventually be at the heart of everything, in my opinion. Obviously, like everything else… this is a journey and not an overnight “arrival”.

Motivation & Incentive

In many ways, Crypto alternatives, especially WEB3-based opportunities, are rather attractive as they often offer the abovementioned perks. In a changing world, these four factors are becoming increasingly important and even sought after. Censorship is beginning to affect a lot more people and is a significant concern for content creators, and those running online business models that require different avenues of marketing and social media exposure.

This is unfortunately a trend that is likely to experience acceleration over the coming years. Honestly, I am amazed at how influencers and content creators continue to ignore WEB3-based alternatives. However, there are those who choose to back up their content via decentralized platforms and are subsequently able to grow and extend their reach. It just makes so much sense. I have even seen creators abandoning WEB2 models in favor of WEB3 alternatives.

This is, however, a very small minority, but simultaneously reveals, that once understood, WEB3 is the way to go, especially if you are looking to be “in the game” long term. Censorship resistance, together with true account ownership are two extremely important aspects that creators need to consider. When you add to that, monetization, it becomes rather clear that WEB3 is far superior, and in favor of the creator.


Unfortunately, the number one deterrent is that of having to “start again”. For many, the idea of rebuilding an audience is too daunting a task. On the other hand, others have grown accustomed to having large audiences and are unwilling to once again, “start small”. They are simply not interested. However, what is now considered an option, could over time become absolutely essential.

At that stage, it’s a case of “too little too late”. It’s at such a point in the journey that one needs to already be established and engaging within the ecosystem. Whether you are a content creator, or not, the benefits of decentralization and WEB3 are currently available to the masses. Why would one choose to miss out on a significant “shift” that is rewarding and beneficial in so many ways?

Final Thoughts

Decentralized models are truly game changers, and are able to help liberate and protect users from unfair and unreasonable practices that are so prevalent amongst WEB2 legacy-styled platforms and services. However, one has to be careful, as there are platforms offering WEB3-styled account creation and management. However, they are actually centrally operated, and so are not censorship resistant, or even privately owned.

Much of this “advancement” incorporates micro-earning. In other words, users are incentivized by small Crypto rewards across a broad spectrum of Dapps and services. By simply going about their everyday lives, they are in a state of consistent Crypto accumulation. These rewards can essentially be hodled over time, and even act as a form of savings, or investment.

The formative years of any technological advancement are always the most challenging. However, the early birds manage to navigate their way and eventually position themselves for the future. Essentially, they have the upper hand and often reap the rewards of early adoption. Regardless of what some have to say about WEB3, I love the idea and see tremendous opportunities unfolding in the coming years. All the best… catch you next time!

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