CBDCs – No Cause For Alarm

It’s Always The Case

In a similar way that the de-dollarization narrative is being pushed beyond “true dynamics”, the CBDC narrative is, once again, being overplayed. The heavy assertion of the de-dollarization narrative, unfortunately, is rather concerning. Why? Because this is a typical tactic that is leveraged via the MSM. Quick question… why do you question everything that comes from the MSM in regard to Crypto, and yet accept everything else as “gospel” that is published by the MSM?

This “tactic” is used as a way of creating self-fulfilling prophecies. For example, in real terms, things are not as fundamentally “weak” as they are “portrayed” to be. However, because they are perceived to be… people behave as if they are, ultimately creating a level of “truth” to the proposed narrative. False realities become somewhat authentic realities, simply because people believe them to be. They then act and transact in alignment with that belief, and so play a part in bringing to birth what they fear.

MSM is a weaponized tool in the hands of those pushing narratives for their own gain. At the end of the day, this is true of most situations in life. Personal gain corrupts intentions and has a way of distorting reality in favor of the one proposing it. Even if CBDCs are launched within the expected time frame, there is a process that has to play out for CBDCs to become the “standard”. This will take years, it’s not an overnight transition.

There is no “switch” that simply gets turned on, and we are all running on a CBDC standard. I have mentioned this before, Crypto is being leveraged as a gateway drug, in order to encourage society toward a new way of transacting. I do believe that Crypto will experience even more resistance, once CBDCs have some “time” under their belt. The fundamental aspect of decentralization is however yet to be understood by policymakers.

Unavoidable Reality

At the end of the day, CBDCs are on the way, there is no way of getting around it. I do however believe that there will be a fair amount of resistance to their integration. It’s likely that there will be an incentive, similar to the way they tried to push vaccinations, once they realized people were somewhat resistant and opposed to the idea. Initial CBDC adopters are likely to see their accounts being credited with a “welcome deposit”.

Even though their arrival may be on the horizon, I do somehow believe that “significant” adoption is some years away… and that’s even if they are able to get this idea to fly. Imagine, money that expires… and all the other “restrictive” policies that will be implemented via CBDCs? One positive aspect of the over-dramatization of CBDCs is the widespread hesitancy and resistance that is being birthed.

Generally, many are opposed to the idea and are unlikely to adopt this shift without a fight. Many consider the numerous hurdles that Crypto is facing. However, there are also numerous hurdles when it comes to CBDCs. Depending on the widespread perception, the rollout of CBDCs could very much end up being a non-event. This is when you are likely to see incentivization and other measures being utilized as a means to onboard citizens.

The Business Sector

This is likely to be the area of focus. If most retailers and other businesses are operating via CBDCs, inconvenience is likely to be the push that triggers a somewhat unreluctant shift. For business owners, the adoption of CBDCs is likely to usher in some type of tax benefit. It is important to note that the significant rise of adoption within the Crypto space has been void of coercion… and in the midst of negative MSM narratives.

Personally, I don’t see significant adoption of CBDCs outside of incentivization and coercion. I wouldn’t be surprised if these “methods” become public knowledge within the next few months. However, as usual, one can only wait and see. One thing I always tend to do is to try and envision the future based on what I know today, and what I recall from history. Looking ahead is a very important aspect of journeying through life.

Final Thoughts

Much can be learned from history, and observing habitual behavior, when it comes to governments, policymakers, and adoption trends. Doing my best to look into the future is what enabled me to identify Crypto as a future development in terms of technology and money. One should always prepare for the future… and that requires envisioning tomorrow. Anyway, these are merely my own thoughts and reflections… see you next time!

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