Crypto – Expectations, Disappointments & Appropriation

Don’t Get Too Stuck In Your Ways

We want to envision the future possibilities and benefits of our endeavors today. This is the typical response of any individual that has ambition and drive. Crypto is unlike any asset class, in that it completely outperformed my “early” expectations. As I have continued in this space, I have come to realize just how enormous the potential truly is. My early goals and targets were completely dwarfed by reality, which is truly an amazing experience.

Oftentimes in life, our expectations are disappointed by reality. What we initially envisioned, never materialized, and we are left disappointed. However, this is not the case when it comes to Crypto, at least for the disciplined and patient investor. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well events have turned out over the years. There have of course been challenges, and even “roadblocks”, but I have endeavored to always make adjustments, when necessary.

This has obviously led to the creation of fresh goals, as well as the extension of existing goals. The point I am trying to make is that not only are challenges guaranteed to arise, but they can often be a blessing in disguise, provided we seek out a proactive response. Take Hive, for example, it’s quite possible that Hive may never have existed were it not for Justin Sun. What many initially perceived as an absolute disaster, became the birthplace of Hive.

Having the correct mindset and approach, when it comes to difficulties can literally transform a negative situation into a viable opportunity. Many people simply allow events and outcomes to define them and the direction of their life. Choosing to adapt and adjust is an imperative aspect of survival. Where there’s a will, there’s a way… and it’s up to each person to discover that course of action.

You Can Count On It

Potential roadblocks and challenges are perhaps more prevalent in the Crypto space than in any other sector. Even now, regulation is once again showing signs of becoming a significant challenge for Americans. Now, many will perhaps choose to quit if the challenges prove too demanding, while others will adjust, and go on to experience success, perhaps even in other areas, or expressions of Crypto.

Sometimes, it can actually be the case of a “roadblock”, as opposed to a challenge. In such a scenario, one is forced to restructure their strategy. This restructuring can sometimes be quite severe, forcing one to adopt an entirely new approach. For instance, many Crypto investors were making use of lending services in order to generate passive income, and subsequently, grow their holdings.

However, that is now a sector that very few Crypto investors would consider, and for good reason. Alternatively, they can look to DeFi, which also carries inherent risks via hacks, exploits, and impermanent loss. They now have to adjust or abandon their strategy. In many ways, one expects these types of challenges, especially in a sector that is still busy being established and yet to be embraced by the masses.

Even though we have seen significant adoption and acceptance over the past few years, there is still a way to go. This particular phase of the journey could even prove to be the most difficult, as it very much involves regulatory clarity and policies. As we have seen, especially over the past months, this can be an extremely “demanding” part of the journey. However, it’s a vital aspect of global adoption and a road we must travel, regardless of how difficult it may be.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, life is made up of and consists of multiple challenges, and your Crypto journey is not excluded. For some, it may even prove to be more challenging than any other area of their life. The solution is to remain pliable and willing to adjust. A stubborn approach can often be a good thing! However, when situations and challenges demand an adjustment, the last thing you want to be is stubborn.

Being ready and willing to respond to challenges with creativity and a proactive mindset sets you apart from those who simply choose to become “victims” of their circumstances and the decisions of others. Sometimes the best way forward after a detour is a path you had never previously considered. All the best, catch you next time!

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