Working Toward A Crypto Goal – An Imperative Decision

A Unique Understanding

Individuals who set goals for themselves understand the human condition. Unless you are aiming at something, you very seldom shoot. It’s better to set a goal, and even miss than to never set one at all. Why? Because goals encourage, and even force, effort and productivity. Without goals, people become lazy and complacent. Goals place a demand on your time and effort, and ensure some type of positive outcome, regardless of whether the goal is achieved or not.

However, those who have failed to place some form of expectation upon themselves, generally tend to accomplish less. This is just typical human behavior that humans fall into if left to their own devices. Structured time and effort will inevitably create some form of productivity or positive outcome. When it comes to “business” type goals, many choose to make use of the SMART model:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timed

In my opinion, “specific” and “measurable” are the most important aspects of goal setting. Obviously, a timed approach is perhaps equally as important. Without a timeframe, a weekly goal is easily achieved in a matter of weeks or months. Many Hivers publish a weekly update on their Hive goals, and how they are fairing in regard to remaining on target. The majority of these goals are centered around reaching a certain amount of HP over a prescribed period.

When it comes to Hive goals, I prefer to aim for productivity-based goals, as opposed to income-related goals. Yes, obviously I am also looking to secure a certain amount of HP over time. However, that is very much beyond my control. By choosing to rather focus on productivity, I am able to better meet the requirements of the SMART model. Even when it comes to many of my other goals, I often take the productivity-based approach.

Productivity, excellence, and consistency eventually result in some form of measurable gain. I like to focus on first things first, build solid foundations, and establish my work. This is how I have approached all of the businesses under my management or ownership in the past.

Goals Overpower Distraction

It’s easy to become distracted, whether it be in regard to your Crypto journey, or any other aspect of life. Goals create opposition against laziness and distraction. They ensure that you remain on track. You will be surprised at how many days can simply “slip by” without any productivity taking place, outside of the confines of your goals. It’s absolutely imperative to have goals in place, as, without them, your efficiency is easily lost.

Furthermore, being focused on the matter at hand and working toward a very specific end result is incredibly healthy when it comes to a person’s well-being. Although some are likely to disagree, “purpose” is an essential aspect of a healthy life. In order to have a purpose, and flourish within that particular purpose, goals are required. There is also the personal reward one experiences every time a goal is met or accomplished.

Final Thoughts

Being able to cross off your daily, weekly, and monthly goals will eventually create a level of fruitfulness and profitability. It’s the one sure way to get ahead. Goals are often realized by meeting many smaller goals over time. Consistent daily goals become weekly goals, and eventually annual goals. This is how efficient individuals approximate toward successfully attaining long-term goals. See you next time, and enjoy the journey!

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