Regulation – Governments Accidently Initiate Population Restructuring

The Push Continues

There has been a lot of talk regarding the proposed banning of algo-based stablecoins in the US. This may come as a surprise to some, but for the majority of us, we have been expecting this, and more! This is the only path that governments are willing to walk with regulators. As mentioned in a recent post, overbearing regulation and taxation will inevitably have a significant impact on certain jurisdictions. Countries that choose to push beyond what is necessary, and even considered “acceptable”, will ultimately lose citizens to more friendly and accommodating locations. The wind driving this regulatory crackdown appears to be intensifying. At some point, this “storm” could transform into a truly destructive hurricane. Ever since regulators and the SEC stepped up to the plate, we have experienced an ever-tightening grip. The desire for control is uncanny. Isn’t it funny how nobody seemed to care about “naive investors” a few years ago? Only once the industry had reached a significant market cap did the “need for regulation” suddenly arise.

You Can Always Bank It

When it comes to power, you can always bank on two very prominent forces: Money and control! It goes without saying that this path will be exhausted and pushed as far as possible. As our world and economies adjust to a new age, many are earning their income in the form of Crypto. Some may not necessarily work within the space, but certain payments are being received in the form of Crypto. As we have so often discussed, Crypto and Web 3 offer an unparalleled opportunity to earn income and generate wealth. I know of many who left “traditional employment” during covid and have never looked back. Are these people simply going to sit back and allow what they have built simply be restricted and limited without reason?

At The Top Of The Chain

When it comes to human survival, income sits at the very top of the hierarchical structure. That means that if someone needs to move in order to maintain their income, they will! Globalists would love one set of rules and standards for the world. However, that is not reality, at least not yet. There are numerous countries that will welcome Cryptoneurs and those earning Crypto. As this regulatory push continues, another push will commence, a push for freedom. There is only so much a person is willing to take before they take action. Your income is your life. Those who interpret what I am suggesting as extreme, most likely earn a salary working 9 to 5. You can’t appreciate what I am saying unless your life is reliant upon Crypto income, and the walls are closing in on you.

Take A Look At The Crypto Kingpins

Have you considered where CZ and Sam Bankman-Fried live? They are leading by example in this area as well. Choosing to avoid unnecessary issues, they have chosen Crypto friendly locations. There are other benefits as well, such as low or zero taxation and the ease of doing business. The more limiting regulations become, the more citizens will shift to alleviate that discomfort and restriction. Regulation will continue, there is no doubt about it! How are you positioned to face this storm?

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