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Crypto Twitter Is A Joke

Apart from a handful of accounts, CT is an absolute joke. I could never spend endless hours perusing the content that is consumed and published on CT. For the most part, it’s just a continuous flow of single isolated indicators suggesting that BTC is about to moon. When you consider how wealthy some of these guys are, you realize exactly how they make their money. It’s definitely not by being accurate. As I mentioned there are a few solid guys putting out quality content in the form of data and analysis. However, unless you know who they are, you are going to have to navigate your way through a lot of worthless garbage. No matter the platform you choose to use, this will always be an issue, decentralized, or not. However, it has become more and more difficult to find useful and quality content on Crypto Twitter.

What If There Was A Better Alternative?

The introduction of threads is a good start in creating a “Twitter alternative”. Obviously, many still choose to utilize Twitter as a way to gain external eyes on Hive. There is nothing wrong with that, provided you have a fairly sizable following. As I have mentioned before, I don’t have the confidence to “rebuild” on Twitter after losing my initial account that I created in 2008. It took me years to build a following of 11K followers, and it was erased in a moment, for no real reason. I truly am one of the few that can appreciate a Web 3 alternative. I have experienced the downside of centralized entities. In many cases, they are simply a power unto themselves. They do as they please and are not answerable to anyone.

Threads will continue to improve and eventually provide a viable alternative in my opinion. Have you noticed that much of the content on Leofinance is of a fairly high caliber, unlike Twitter? Many of us have multiple years in this game and have a lot to share that can enrich newcomers. That is essentially how you need to view Leofinance, in my opinion. It’s not just a blogging platform with DeFi protocols. It’s a resource, a point of reference, a place you can go to gain knowledge and information. I see Leofinance becoming an absolute authority in the Crypto space. The birth of LeoGlossary amplifies what I am suggesting… a resource, a point of reference.

Good Things Take Time

As a community, continued dedication and patience are required. This is not simply going to unfold overnight. Every post, every comment, and every share outside of the ecosystem continues to add and create value on the Hive blockchain. As the bear continues to drag its prey through the icy woods, we simply keep going and keep building. This is what bear markets are about, slowly garnering strength, to be later unleashed on an unsuspecting market.

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