Crypto’s Next Chapter – Beyond Investment

Identifying The True Path

Crypto has always been a market that has experienced tremendous growth cycles, followed by deep retracements. However, this particular dynamic has always been favorable to those who understand and appropriate it correctly. Yes, the appreciation of price is beneficial to all Crypto investors.

However, to some, it is even more beneficial, and I believe that this trend is about to spike. So, who are the investors that are able to benefit beyond the average investor? Well, they are generally business-minded individuals. Something that I addressed a number of times in 2022 is that the “doers” are going to outperform the “speculators”.

Essentially, the doers identify opportunities beyond speculation. Yes, price appreciation is essential for experiencing stellar returns. However, it is not the only dynamic at work. Doers view Crypto from an economic perspective. They understand that there are even ecosystems within the Crypto space that evolve and function around an economic model.

Increasing delegation, activity, and production is the key to economic growth. Investors thinking along these lines are not investors, but Cryptoneurs. In other words, they go about generating Crypto income via various models. Yes, they are holding assets that will increase in value, but they are also taking part in the creation and generation of additional assets.

There are some of us who have been thinking this way for years already. However, I believe that the economic constructs that exist within the Crypto space are about to attract a lot of fresh attention. As existing economies struggle, the opportunities within the Crypto space will become more evident, and simultaneously, attractive.


There are many ideas that can be collectively executed in order to create an economic effect. There are also blockchains that inherently have economic dynamics structured into their design. Yes, Hive is the best example of this particular design and offers a plethora of opportunities to anyone and everyone.

Decentralization is clearly going to become increasingly more important to many, and so, is likely to face further opposition. We have already seen the heat being turned up in regard to the DeFi sector. It’s also interesting to note that once much of the carnage has passed, DeFi actually becomes an extremely viable opportunity.

Newcomers are perhaps unable to understand this, as they have only experienced DeFi in a bear market. DeFi is definitely an avenue that is perfect for building your own economic constructs. Even if prices remain stagnant, DeFi produces yield, unlike a typical investment. That being said, a bear market is often catastrophic for DeFi projects.

It all comes down to doing the right thing at the right time! If you have been building throughout the bear market then you know and understand what to expect when the tide truly turns, beyond question. From this point on, income generation within the Crypto space is about to explode exponentially!

Final Thoughts

It is rather peculiar how new ideas often take so long to be realized and embraced. However, this is a recurring theme that echoes throughout history. Crypto, will be no different. Yes, we have seen significant adoption in recent years. However, many are still oblivious, and those who are aware are still very much within the stage of speculation. I believe that is about to change soon!

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