The Benefits Of Building A Business Within A Digital Economy (Part 2)

How We Got Here In the first part of this series, we looked at how the digital world has slowly, over time been incorporated, and made part of the real world. This is especially true in regard to business and commerce. This initially took… Continue Reading “The Benefits Of Building A Business Within A Digital Economy (Part 2)”

The Benefits Of Building A Business Within A Digital Economy

Consumption & Production Economies revolve around the consumption and production of goods and services. Since the inception of the internet, online business models have sought to combine the “real” world with the “virtual” world. In many of these instances, the online aspect merely played… Continue Reading “The Benefits Of Building A Business Within A Digital Economy”

Positioning Within Inflationary-Based Asset Models

Positive Aspects Of Inflation When it comes to Crypto projects, one of the most important aspects of success is that of tokenomics. This incorporates the “minting” of new coins via an inflationary-based model. Yes, much to the surprise of some, even Bitcoin is an… Continue Reading “Positioning Within Inflationary-Based Asset Models”

Stuck In Legacy Mode…

TradFi Losing Ground Those who have created or inherited wealth within the world of TradFi and legacy-styled businesses have a strong sense of loyalty and dependence on old and outdated business models. Many will argue that not everyone can become a Crypto-based entrepreneur or… Continue Reading “Stuck In Legacy Mode…”

CBDCs – No Cause For Alarm

It’s Always The Case In a similar way that the de-dollarization narrative is being pushed beyond “true dynamics”, the CBDC narrative is, once again, being overplayed. The heavy assertion of the de-dollarization narrative, unfortunately, is rather concerning. Why? Because this is a typical tactic… Continue Reading “CBDCs – No Cause For Alarm”

The “Professional” DeFi Investor

A New Chapter DeFi is pretty much the last sector you want to be exposed to during a bear market. This is predominantly due to many exiting the space, as well as selling pressure from those who remain. Personally, I advocate a strategy of… Continue Reading “The “Professional” DeFi Investor”

Establishing A Crypto Business Is Not Void Of Sacrifice

The Real Deal To some extent, someone who has managed a business has somewhat of an understanding of what’s involved in owning any type of business. On the other hand, someone who has only ever worked as an employee is rather oblivious to much… Continue Reading “Establishing A Crypto Business Is Not Void Of Sacrifice”

The Privilege Of Position

A Similar Dynamic Every day, individuals across the globe awaken with one goal in mind: To climb higher up the corporate ladder! Many believe that this will eventually benefit their lives in such a way as to provide them with privileges unfamiliar to the… Continue Reading “The Privilege Of Position”

Micro-Caps – A Journey Of Discovery & Life-Changing Returns

It’s All About The Risk/Reward Ratio Had we not experienced the covid correction in 2020, Bitcoin would have only experienced very modest returns. Yes, in comparison to other asset classes and investment vehicles, it was still a solid performance. Altcoins on the other hand,… Continue Reading “Micro-Caps – A Journey Of Discovery & Life-Changing Returns”

Structuring Your Crypto Business For Resilience & Growth

By Design Success always requires a level of resilience, and if you want your Crypto business to survive and flourish, you are going to have to structure it accordingly. Studying different businesses in different sectors will reveal a dynamic familiar to most of them,… Continue Reading “Structuring Your Crypto Business For Resilience & Growth”