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Adopt Blockchain Or Face Future Exclusion

Sorry Chaps Whether Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet like it or not, Crypto and blockchain are on a tear, regardless of global uncertainty. It’s very much a snowball effect… the bigger it becomes, the faster it moves. The momentum is building up, and the… Continue Reading “Adopt Blockchain Or Face Future Exclusion”

Factors Impacting Crypto Adoption

It’s Happening Again I was with a bunch of friends this morning, and as usual, Crypto came up in the conversation. Everyone knows that pretty much all markets are in a state of dire desperation. However, despite the fact that Bitcoin is suffering a… Continue Reading “Factors Impacting Crypto Adoption”

Millennials & Crypto – A Look Into The Future

A New Generation With A New Asset Class If ever you want to propel a new technology into the future, your best bet is with the younger generation. The older generation is somehow always resistant to change and advancement. Just look at Warren Buffet… Continue Reading “Millennials & Crypto – A Look Into The Future”