Adopt Blockchain Or Face Future Exclusion

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Whether Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet like it or not, Crypto and blockchain are on a tear, regardless of global uncertainty. It’s very much a snowball effect… the bigger it becomes, the faster it moves. The momentum is building up, and the current spike in the Crypto market cap is doing a lot to encourage a realization and awakening to the shift that is currently unfolding.

People are beginning to think a lot more for themselves. On a broader level, the blatant lies that have been packaged as truth are beginning to unravel, and as a result, are causing independent thought processes. Not too long ago, the opinion of someone like Buffet held tremendous weight. However, the acceleration of mistrust has also brought about a more sober-minded society.

Industries, corporations, and even small businesses are beginning to see the need for adjustment. In order to remain relevant, the incorporation of Crypto and blockchain is unavoidable. Those immersed in markets and economic activity are now beginning to understand that a blockchain-based world is inevitable. Furthermore, those who adjust now, significantly strengthen their future prospects.

Immutable Ledger Technology

This is at the heart of the blockchain revolution. An immutable ledger… accounting system, and record-keeping archive takes commerce and the storage of data to a whole new level. A level of simplification and increased efficiency and accuracy. A level of “performance” any business or industry would find extremely attractive.

With every past technological advancement has been the crowd who refused to climb on board. These individuals and entities either faded away into obscurity or rushed for the door at the last minute. If we are to look at history, we can see a clear endorsement of adopting new technologies once they have reached a certain level of adoption.

I think we can all agree that 2020/2021 was indeed that moment. Even in countries such as El Salvador and South Africa, blockchain is being implemented and incorporated into everyday transactions and experiences. As I have addressed before, Crypto is being resisted by a rather elite group of individuals that wish to recreate this “moment” with their own “inventions”.

If they were at the spearhead of the Crypto revolution this thing would be on another level by now. However, in many ways, they are being sidelined and decentralized networks are being adopted and incorporated by both small and large enterprises alike.

Tipping Point

Crypto and blockchain have managed to gain a significant head start, ultimately creating a tipping point. A point from which there is no turning back. This is the realization that is sparking adoption and incorporation, regardless of price. It’s inconsequential, individuals and entities are beginning to understand that there is a lot more at stake.

They are positioning themselves for the future. They understand that market fluctuations are part and parcel of the process. Those choosing to focus on price are missing the woods for the trees. It’s about positioning oneself for an inevitable future. Choosing to be indifferent, at this stage, will eventually become a regret of significant magnitude.

Final Thoughts

There will obviously be a struggle between decentralized blockchains, private blockchains, and CBDCs. This too is inevitable. However, public decentralized blockchains have managed to garner significant attention, adoption, and inclusion. This cannot simply be undone. Crypto, as we know it, was the first foot through the blockchain door. In fact, it is the foundational expression of blockchain. This ultimately gives Crypto the “blockchain upper hand”. That’s it for this one. See you next time!

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