A Future With Bitcoin – Lightning Is A Game Changer

Who Would Have Thought? It wasn’t too long ago that El Salvador rolled out Bitcoin as a form of payment and legal tender. Unfortunately, this took place during the highs of 2021, making an already controversial move even more so. Had this move been… Continue Reading “A Future With Bitcoin – Lightning Is A Game Changer”

Factors Impacting Crypto Adoption

It’s Happening Again I was with a bunch of friends this morning, and as usual, Crypto came up in the conversation. Everyone knows that pretty much all markets are in a state of dire desperation. However, despite the fact that Bitcoin is suffering a… Continue Reading “Factors Impacting Crypto Adoption”

The Future Of Crypto Payments – Are Stablecoins Necessary?

A Debatable Topic This has been the subject of many a debate ever since the Bitcoin boom in 2017. However, a lot has changed since then. Most notable is the acceleration and adoption of stablecoins. When you take a look at the Top 10… Continue Reading “The Future Of Crypto Payments – Are Stablecoins Necessary?”

Cryptocurrency – Growth Can Be Messy & Painful

First Impressions? Many people are put off Crypto due to a negative perception and first impression of the space. They somehow expect new technology to be immediately perfect and without incident. The numerous “Bitcoin hacks” don’t do the space any justice, as many believe… Continue Reading “Cryptocurrency – Growth Can Be Messy & Painful”

Is Monero About To Gain Increased Adoption?

Deviation From The Satoshi Model I don’t think Satoshi envisioned the ecosystem that is now, Cryptocurrency. Perhaps he considered that there would be a handful of knockoffs entering the market when it became apparent that Bitcoin was indeed securing adoption. However, the expansion of… Continue Reading “Is Monero About To Gain Increased Adoption?”

Some Of The Best Places To Accumulate Litecoin

Why Accumulate LTC There are a number of aspects that still make Litecoin an attractive option, despite the coin having quite a number of haters. Many haters have chosen to base their opinion on what they consider, a lack of development and innovation. Despite… Continue Reading “Some Of The Best Places To Accumulate Litecoin”