Crypto Market Triggers Alarm Bells – Time To Short?

What’s The General Mood? Looking at what analysts and others are currently suggesting only serves to provide more confusion. Some are extremely bearish, while others are fairly bullish. Analyzing this behavior does however offer more value than the predictions being made. If you have… Continue Reading “Crypto Market Triggers Alarm Bells – Time To Short?”

Hive – The Best Place To Spend Your Bear Market

It’s Not Looking Good The market continues to show signs of fear, uncertainty, and doubt and to some extent, it is to be expected. Yes, in time, recent events will be yet another victory for Crypto. However, it is a process and not one… Continue Reading “Hive – The Best Place To Spend Your Bear Market”

The Shift To Quality Will Now Commence

It’s Always The Case During any bearish or brutal season, one will always see and experience a shift to quality. Traditionally, when the market drops, there is a move to Bitcoin, stablecoins, and cash. This ultimately causes Bitcoin dominance to rise. Despite the great… Continue Reading “The Shift To Quality Will Now Commence”

The Beauty Of “Real Stablecoins”

Portfolio Construction I tend to repeat myself sometimes but it’s only because I consider certain approaches and practices absolutely imperative and I want people to “get it”. One of the most important practices that I continue to drive home is the need for a… Continue Reading “The Beauty Of “Real Stablecoins””

Hive Backed Dollars Are Your Best Stablecoin Option

Everyone Should Hold Some Stablecoins This is not a law but simply my own personal viewpoint. Every portfolio needs some form of hedge against possible calamity. Stablecoins are clearly the best way to hedge yourself and simultaneously remain in the ‘Crypto market”. One could… Continue Reading “Hive Backed Dollars Are Your Best Stablecoin Option”

A Simple Yet Efficient Strategy For Top Altcoins

Not All Alts Respond The Same The understanding that Altcoins suffer significant losses when Bitcoin trends down is a widely understood concept and yet there are varying degrees of damage. There are different reasons as to why a particular altcoin may experience more severe… Continue Reading “A Simple Yet Efficient Strategy For Top Altcoins”

My Crypto Menu – What’s Been Removed?

I Have Limited My Activity Whether the bottom is in at $33K or not is still not that important, as prices could very easily revisit that level. In all honesty, they could even go a lot lower. Sometimes a “good opportunity” has to be… Continue Reading “My Crypto Menu – What’s Been Removed?”

Building A Small Business In The Hive Ecosystem

For Content Creators Although this is an approach for content creators, it can also work for those offering and providing great curation on the Hive ecosystem. I remember joining Steemit back in 2016 or 2017, I can’t quite remember now but I do remember… Continue Reading “Building A Small Business In The Hive Ecosystem”

Hedging Your Portfolio Through Daily Habits

Multiple Ways To Get The Job Done Discerning market trends and short-term cycles can be extremely hard at times. Just look at today, an announcement by the FED can send the market tumbling in an instant. It doesn’t matter if the technicals and fundamentals… Continue Reading “Hedging Your Portfolio Through Daily Habits”

The Best Way To Earn Interest On Your Stablecoins

Every Portfolio Should Have An Allocation It’s a personal view and by no means financial advice but I believe every Crypto Portfolio should have some exposure to stablecoins. This is also quite important when locking in gains as a trader, or even as a… Continue Reading “The Best Way To Earn Interest On Your Stablecoins”