The Privilege Of Position

A Similar Dynamic

Every day, individuals across the globe awaken with one goal in mind: To climb higher up the corporate ladder! Many believe that this will eventually benefit their lives in such a way as to provide them with privileges unfamiliar to the majority of society. They wish to be in a position of influence and abundance.

There are however those who are simply born into this position, and so enjoy these benefits without any significant effort or personal success. Regardless of the means, position is coveted by many. For some, the motivation is not that obvious. However, begin to analyze your own motives and you may begin to see just how prevalent it truly is.

There is an aspect of Crypto that I really appreciate, and that is “position” outside of the limelight. For instance, the majority of Bitcoin and other whales operate from a position of strength, outside of the typical “stage of performance”. Nobody even knows who they are, yet in many cases, they control the market.

Not only that, but they have many of the benefits of “position” without the tasteless prostitution of self. I find the majority of Crypto influencers nauseating. It’s just an ongoing brag of cars, houses, and private jets. Some people might enjoy consuming this type of content. However, I prefer to simply get on with my own life and strategies, rather than waste time on this display of vanity.

An Alternative Position

Due to the nature of Cryptocurrency, it provides participants with a variety of tools and opportunities that enable “private privilege”. There is no need for shameless prostitution and excessive self-promotion. Personally, Crypto ticks a lot of the boxes that I find appealing and attractive. Privacy is one of them. The more I observe well-known influencers, the more I realize the dynamic at play.

The accuracy and knowledge of many of these individuals are rather poor and give a strong indication that their wealth is amassed by simply leveraging their followers. I don’t particularly agree with attacking individuals, which is why I put forward my observations in such a manner. There is a level of healthy self-promotion, which obviously exists within the business world.

However, creating an entire “business” that is based on celebrity-like promotion is somewhat tasteless when the business should be centered around Crypto. These are obviously my own opinions. Ironically, Crypto actually provides a superior way of “positioning oneself”. A powerful position does not necessarily have to be established in the typical ways of the world, and that is exactly what I love about this space.

There are those who are unable to reason that a person would choose a humble and private approach. However, Crypto enables the “power of position” without needing to climb the ladder, or appeasing the one who is standing between you and the next level of position and privilege. This is what makes Crypto such a great opportunity, in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

When you add to this the significant gains over time, along with decentralization and self-custody, it’s literally an amazing opportunity. Hence, all the attacks the industry continuously has to endure from regulatory bodies, governments, and certain elites. Crypto empowers a new form of position and privileges, usually associated with celebrity-like self-promotion. At the end of the day, Crypto creates an alternative path that avoids much of the toxicity.

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