Blockchain Changes Everything – The Battle For The Phoenix

Hypocrisy Of The Elites

You will note that personalities such as Gates and others will make use of any and every opportunity to take a cheap shot at Bitcoin and Crypto in general. Some may consider this a little strange, as the majority of “elites” advocate blockchain as a technology. You will always hear these individuals promoting the “underlying technology”, while simultaneously speaking out against Crypto as a whole.

This is generally how these “power players” operate, it’s nothing new. Do a little research into what made Microsoft the giant it is today, or look into the formative years of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. There is a common thread that comes up time and time again. Ultimately, blockchain changes everything, and they know it. Zuckerberg’s desperate attempt to “own” the metaverse concept was a complete failure.

Unfortunately, along with blockchain comes something known as decentralization and WEB3. The “power shots” that these individuals made use of in the past in order to “capture and own” industries are now a lot less effective. This is something that individuals such as Zuckerberg are painfully beginning to realize. Public, decentralized blockchains and Dapps are not only able to change the world as we know it but are inherently in favor of private ownership and freedom.

There is a general misconception that the “elites” are all on the same team. This is false, there are factions within this group of individuals and entities. Ultimately, greed and dominance are the driving forces. You don’t obtain dominance by sharing with others. The battle of the elites is not merely a war against the average citizen, but elites against elites. Yes, there are loyalties that exist between certain entities.

However, the ultimate battle is for supremacy and dominance. If you destroy the existing leaders and create new leaders, you ultimately restructure the power hierarchy. This is the dynamic behind the SEC and other regulatory crackdowns. The focus is on the current leaders. The desired outcome is a restructuring that takes place from a position of destruction. New “alternatives” can then rise from the ashes.

The Planned Rise Of The Phoenix

Understanding battle strategies will help you to gain a better perspective of what is currently unfolding in regard to regulation and overreach. Even if you are unable to defeat your enemy, the next best thing is to wear him down. Weakening the leaders of a particular sector or industry ultimately makes them vulnerable to attack. In the Crypto and financial world that would incorporate the following:

  • Decrease business activity
  • Reduce the value of assets being held
  • Exhaust via ongoing attack

These three key strategies produce a weakening that eventually provides an opportunity for a full-blown attack. I have repeatedly mentioned that the SEC crackdown is just getting started. These are the initial annoyances sent to disorientate. The ultimate showdown is yet to take place. You will note how this “attack” escalated during a bear market. This is aimed at reducing asset prices as much as possible.

This is in line with the second strategic point. Along with a decrease in value, comes a drop in activity, ultimately fulfilling the first objective mentioned. This is simply repeated via numerous attacks and FUD. This leads to exhaustion and provides the perfect scenario for a power restructuring. This is very much why I believe a complete decoupling is on the horizon for Crypto.

Realization Is Victory

Once the majority of market participants begin to realize that the attack exists due to strength, they will be quicker to dismiss FUD, rather than to entertain it. The Crypto industry is being attacked because it is a worthy adversary. Something that is not a threat is ignored, plain and simple. Why? Well, there are too many legitimate threats to “dominance”, so resources and time are only spent on true threats.

If you witness a concentrated effort, you can simultaneously discern that the threat is indeed significant. Resources are never wasted. Don’t consider it strange that entities that caused damage and loss are never addressed (timeously) by the SEC. That is not the objective. Once the “crowd” begins to wake up to this, a few small fries are thrown into the mix, so as to keep the illusion going.

Final Thoughts

Power and control dominate the decisions and actions of those in power. To consider any other motivation is to be somewhat naive. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! There is a war being waged whether or not you recognize it or choose to believe it. It’s definitely going to be an interesting journey, and it’s decentralization that provides the most hope of victory for the average citizen. Catch you in the next one! All the best!

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