A Blockchain-Based World Is Inevitable

Forget About Price

Price is merely a temporal indicator. Don’t get caught up in the thinking that suggests that something is “dead” due to its price performance. The introduction of online marketplaces such as Amazon and others has taught us that though initially, prices can be extremely volatile, it is not necessarily an indication of future success or failure. Had early Amazon investors simply relied on price action as a metric to gauge future success they would have missed out on a great opportunity. This has been an ongoing theme within the Crypto world for some time now, ensuring that the fundamentals are in place. Price pumps can be deceptive and are not necessarily an indication of present or future success. However, if the project manages to tick off many of the applicable boxes then the chances of success are much more likely. There are so many projects that enhance the lives of so many, even at these early stages. You cannot jump the queue when it comes to the process.

Adoption & Integration

This is where the rubber hits the road! This is a “process” that has to mature like any other process or cycle. You cannot accelerate the arrival of summer, just as you cannot usher in a new bull market. The process has to run its course. The well-known saying, “Rome was not built in a day” comes to mind. This is a journey of maturation and discovery. When you consider the regulatory hurdles, as well as the building of a new infrastructure you can begin to see that this will indeed take time. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it gives the “visionaries” time to BUIDL!

Hive Visionaries

Building a presence and influence on Hive is something that I consider extremely valuable when I contemplate the future. Yes, even now, the benefits and perks are being enjoyed by early adopters. However, in years to come it will become even more apparent how early we are. There is still so much to be achieved, built, and envisioned. The Hive ecosystem is really booming but there is still so much more to come. Something that I noted reading a recent post on Leofinance is how there just seems to be an open-ended opportunity for enhancement and development. It’s literally mind-blowing when you stop to consider how far this could actually go. Not only in terms of Hive but an entire blockchain-based world and economic infrastructure.

No Turning Back

As I have mentioned to friends who have recently become involved with Crypto, once a certain point in the journey is reached there is no going back. The benefits of blockchain, public ledgers, and decentralized networks are now beyond refute. Choosing to operate any other way would be considered rather foolish. Once email reached a certain level of adoption things began to shift and the idea of returning paper mail became absolutely ludicrous. We are currently at the precipice of a similar awakening in my view. It is also important to note that the previous bear market birthed a lot of innovation that went on to perform exceptionally well in the bull run of 2021!

Final Thoughts

I have no doubt that we will experience a similar advancement in 2025! Looking back will ultimately reveal more advancement, development, and utility, in my opinion. The issues we face today create the solutions of tomorrow. There are a number of hurdles before us, particularly within the DeFi sector. However, “necessity is the mother invention”, especially when it comes to Crypto. Devs are constantly looking to improve utility and “patch up” holes. The future begins today and time is ticking. Don’t miss out on this monumental shift! Position yourself correctly now and enjoy the fruits tomorrow.

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