An Amusing Portfolio Adjustment

I Have Been Meaning To Do This

Yesterday I finally decided to embark on a little exercise that I have been meaning to do for some time now. Visiting your portfolio during a bear market can become a little discouraging, even if you are holding a good majority in stablecoins and cash. So, I decided to draft up a different version of my portfolio, one that is based on the all-time high prices of each of the coins or tokens I hold. I have managed to work through most of it, and I must say that this is definitely an exercise that I would advise doing. Wow, what a difference! It just goes to show how powerful bear markets truly are in the Crypto space. That being said, you can’t deny the amazing opportunity that is being presented to those who are willing to take the risk. Yes, some of these projects may not necessarily reach those levels again. However, there are those that will surpass the previous highs and go on to multiply further gains.

A Further Encouragement

Not only am I expecting these holdings as a whole to outperform previous valuations, but I am also adding new holdings, which is creating a compounding effect. I have mentioned to friends that 2021 was not my goal at all. I have been looking towards 2025 even prior to the past bull market. This is where I believe that my allocation and dedication will pay off. In all honesty, 2030 would probably secure the most amazing gains but I am still looking at 2025. It’s not to say that I will exit the market in 2025 but I will be looking to lock in some serious gains for a few future ventures. Even though my view is fairly long-term I still locked in some decent gains in 2021, as well as in 2022 when I realized that BTC would fall below $30K.

The Longer The Better

If you are not hard-pressed for the income then you are in a really great position provided you have a little patience. The longer this bear market drags on… the better, as long as you are accumulating. I am still waiting on lower levels but I do still accumulate very modestly while I wait. I have spoken of this dynamic before, If you really believe that higher levels are on the horizon then you should be buying at lower levels to empower your portfolio’s rebound. Simply waiting for previous all-time highs to be reached is foolish, given the tremendous opportunity on offer.

Final Thoughts

I am extremely bullish on the future of Crypto and am constantly looking to improve my positioning for the “next wave”. However, that does not mean that I ignore the bearish season we are currently experiencing. When encountering a bear in the wild, you do not engage it as a random animal. No, you are extremely cautious and behave accordingly. Anyway, this is my personal outlook for the future and I endeavor to improve my position with each new day. This should not be considered investment advice but merely informative. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you well on your Crypto journey.

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