Conviction & Excitement In A Bear Market

Conviction Ahead Of All Else

As I mentioned in my recent post, “A Blockchain-Based World Is Inevitable”, it is merely a matter of time before blockchain and Crypto completely redefine our world. What this in essence means for those who are able to identify the shift is an opportunity of unmatched proportion. Provided prices don’t head too much lower, the longer this bearish phase lasts, the greater the opportunity. My deep-seated conviction is just as strong as it has always been, in fact, it strengthens over time. Price does not deter me, as I have seen this dynamic play out over and over again. If you have “Dry Powder” on hand, a collapse is an opportunity to be seized and appreciated. I find the market is too eager to move higher. Relax, these things take time, simply utilize the negative price action to your advantage while waiting for the “true shift”.

Why Fear Persists

Those who lack conviction are always the first ones calling for a bottom. Their unwillingness to consider a scenario lower than their “ideal” market bottom is evidence of an inverted fear. “What will such a drop mean for my income models and other investments?” It is perhaps too difficult to contemplate and so “ignorance is bliss” becomes the default mindset of choice. If you refuse to consider a scenario, then, in essence, it does not exist in your “reality”. It has been rather amusing to watch how the market has had to constantly lower “bottom predictions”. Reality, when it arrives will, unfortunately, shatter everything that is contrary to its truth. This is the harsh reality of any market.

Beyond The FUD

Investing is all about envisioning the future and then positioning oneself in such a way so as to benefit from it. Those who continue to build and position themselves for what they envision taking place have managed to overcome the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that often succeeds in crippling so many. Remaining active and working towards long-term goals is a sure way to attack and overcome the paralytic power of fear. Those who remain undeterred have a tremendous advantage over those who remain exposed to the Crypto space but have wavered in their commitment. Find ways to do more when you feel overwhelmed. The launch of LeoThreads on Leofinance yesterday is evidence of how remaining committed during a bear market can spark fresh excitement and determination.

Final Thoughts

It’s a time to keep pushing on and building towards the future. Surround yourself with those who see opportunity within the realm of challenge. I personally know of many who have already exited the Crypto space. They are still exposed in that they are waiting for prices to rise again but in essence, they are out. They are simply waiting to regain their initial investment and that’s about as far as it goes. This is a wasted endeavor. Ensure that your mindset is in line with actually succeeding and building something of value for tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon!

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