Web 3 – Decentralized Independence

An Interesting Conversation

I was at a coffee bar this morning and got into a discussion regarding a particular legacy-styled business model. As I listened to a few advocates promoting this model I was immediately reminded of how outdated and frustrating these models actually are. Simultaneously, it just really hit home how people are aware of Crypto and yet completely unaware of the opportunities that exist within the space. Yes, there are certain risks involved but risk exists everywhere. When you talk to people outside of the space you really begin to realize how oblivious they truly are. For many of us, talking Crypto all day long is quite normal and we sometimes forget how ignorant the masses are. This however has to change if we truly wish to see a more decentralized and independent society and economy.

DeFi & Web 3

When DeFi first became a big thing back in 2020 many realized that they could in fact begin earning a form of income via the assets they own. The launch of Steemit back in 2016 introduced the world to a model that not only enabled independence and a form of income but also a level of freedom from censorship. This model has been improved upon via Hive and the subsequent tribes and communities that exist within the ecosystem. Leofinance seems to be on fire of late and though the price of LEO does not necessarily reflect it, we also have to remember that we are still in a bear market. The recent launch of Threads is something that the community has been eagerly awaiting and has the potential to add yet another dynamic to the “mix”.

Forever Changed

Once you have enjoyed generating income and yield via Web 3 it becomes extremely difficult to consider a future without it. There are so many who have never enjoyed this dynamic and as a result are ignorant of the true power it wields. For me, the attraction here is independence! Being able to operate outside of models designed to cripple the majority and enrich the minority is highly attractive to me. We all have our own viewpoints and motivations that attract us to Crypto and Web 3, but I am sure that many of us share this common thread. Censorship is something that we should all be happy to live without. Web 3 has the ability to make this more of a reality, a reality where independence and freedom are paramount.

Final Thoughts

Independence, along with passive income is at the heart of what Crypto stands for in my view. If you are not securing more independence, as well as generating some level of passive income then you are missing out. Along with further growth and adoption will come innovation. That’s just the natural order of things. I am really looking forward to what this particular niche will have to offer in the next five years. Let’s keep building and advancing! Thanks for stopping by… see you in the next one!

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