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Trading With Zero Volatility

Create Your Own The last couple of days has been extremely painful in terms of trading. A surfer can identify. It’s like heading off to your favorite swell and the ocean is like a lake. What do you do? Well, a surfer packs up… Continue Reading “Trading With Zero Volatility”

BTC Is About To Provide Another Trading Opportunity

Predictable Range Bitcoin has been moving in a rather predictable range over the last while and it makes sense that eventually, it will move into a “new zone” This often takes place rather unexpectedly. We saw Bitcoin hit the $32.000 mark recently only to… Continue Reading “BTC Is About To Provide Another Trading Opportunity”

Tokenization – Creating The Solution To Liquidation

Leverage Can Hurt If you have spent any time trading with leverage in the Crypto markets, you will be able to confirm a very real reality and that is that leverage is great but sometimes it really hurts! Being on the right side of… Continue Reading “Tokenization – Creating The Solution To Liquidation”