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Trading – Experimentation & Realization

The Expected “Unexpected” Dump The past 48 hours have been chaotic in regard to financial markets, as a whole. We have experienced yet another heavy correction for BTC and the broader Crypto market. Fortunately, I have been trading lower time frames of late, and… Continue Reading “Trading – Experimentation & Realization”

Necessity – The Mother Of Invention

Will The Bear Market Defeat You? A lot of new investors underestimate the mental and emotional strength required to take part in financial markets. When optimism and valuation begin to diminish, many investors choose the path being suggested to them, rather than choosing to… Continue Reading “Necessity – The Mother Of Invention”

How To Prepare For The Economic Hardship Ahead

Pain Ahead The global economy is under immense strain. This is not merely the case of one significant problem, but rather, numerous and ongoing crises. Monetary policy is being pushed to the point whereby, not only does it fail to alleviate the pain, but… Continue Reading “How To Prepare For The Economic Hardship Ahead”