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Blockchain Changes Everything – The Battle For The Phoenix

Hypocrisy Of The Elites You will note that personalities such as Gates and others will make use of any and every opportunity to take a cheap shot at Bitcoin and Crypto in general. Some may consider this a little strange, as the majority of… Continue Reading “Blockchain Changes Everything – The Battle For The Phoenix”

New Trading Strategy – Update #2

I Continue To Short Regular readers will be aware of a new trading strategy that I recently developed, which operates on 10X leverage. I began testing it exactly two weeks ago and have since then seen a relatively decent return. Fortunately, I was once… Continue Reading “New Trading Strategy – Update #2”

How To Prepare For The Economic Hardship Ahead

Pain Ahead The global economy is under immense strain. This is not merely the case of one significant problem, but rather, numerous and ongoing crises. Monetary policy is being pushed to the point whereby, not only does it fail to alleviate the pain, but… Continue Reading “How To Prepare For The Economic Hardship Ahead”

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Crypto Goals – A Clear Goal Brings Singularity Of Purpose

Identify & Isolate Having a very clear and specific plan and goal for your Crypto journey is absolutely imperative. If you truly wish to see substantial results in the future then you need to establish a solid plan in the present. Those who enter… Continue Reading “Crypto Goals – A Clear Goal Brings Singularity Of Purpose”

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Earning Multiple Streams Of Crypto Income Needs To Be A Passion!

Passion Fuels Creativity When you consider an avid gardener, you will immediately think of someone who is always planning. In a similar way that a passionate gardener will begin imagining a “solution” for every barren piece of ground, a passionate investor seeks out “opportunity”.… Continue Reading “Earning Multiple Streams Of Crypto Income Needs To Be A Passion!”

Securing Income Models Through Diversification

Often Overlooked When talking to anyone who has some type of Crypto or online income, you will often find that many are relying on one or two significant income streams. Although it makes a lot of sense from a practical point of view, it’s… Continue Reading “Securing Income Models Through Diversification”

An Amusing Portfolio Adjustment

I Have Been Meaning To Do This Yesterday I finally decided to embark on a little exercise that I have been meaning to do for some time now. Visiting your portfolio during a bear market can become a little discouraging, even if you are… Continue Reading “An Amusing Portfolio Adjustment”

Flipping Altcoins In A Bear Market

Exhaustive Range If you read my article, “Bear Markets Provide Gains Only To Snap Them Back”, you will understand how the market often brings participants to their knees by simply exhausting them. The constant up-down dynamic with no real price maturation over time can… Continue Reading “Flipping Altcoins In A Bear Market”

Prioritizing Your Efforts In Crypto

You Only Have So Much Time One of the most important disciplines you learn in any business or career path is effective time management. How you allocate and spend your time can mean the difference between sub-par results and excellence. This comes down to… Continue Reading “Prioritizing Your Efforts In Crypto”