Crypto Goals – A Clear Goal Brings Singularity Of Purpose

Identify & Isolate

Having a very clear and specific plan and goal for your Crypto journey is absolutely imperative. If you truly wish to see substantial results in the future then you need to establish a solid plan in the present. Those who enter the space with an ambition of simply “making money” often leave a lot worse off than when they first arrived. You need to identify and isolate the opportunities and strategies you are looking to utilize. Without singularity of purpose, you will find yourself being drawn into every new opportunity and fad that hits the market. It is our predetermined plan and purpose that encourages us to remain focused. Without it, we are simply blown about by the winds of shillers and hype. Avoiding hype is absolutely imperative, as it ultimately triggers FOMO and other foolish decisions.

How many investors became enticed by LUNA back in 2021 and began removing capital from solid projects, in order to fund positions in LUNA and UST? This is exactly what I am talking about. The committed investor would have simply refused the opportunity, as it was not part of his “plan and purpose”. There will always be a new opportunity or project that comes along just as you are beginning to make progress. It’s uncanny how this will always happen at just the right time, or wrong time, for that matter. Establishing your objectives and goals will help ensure that you stay the course, and eventually enjoy the rewards of your commitment and diligence.


I remember as a child, being in school and receiving a certificate for “Diligence”. I also remember how I was more impressed by the certificates of others. To me, they sounded a lot more impressive than simply, “diligence”. As I have journeyed through life, I have come to understand and appreciate the quality of diligence. I have come to realize that it is a foundational attribute to any endeavor that experiences success. The diligent simply continue and remain focused on the responsibilities and tasks at hand. They are undeterred and simply focus on “getting the job done”.

A Plan Without Action Remains A Fairytale

Once you have mapped out your own personal plan of action, you need to begin with the obvious, and get busy! Formulating a daily routine that essentially becomes a habit is how you become diligent, and eventually, successful. Many offer a boss much of their time and effort, and yet are “stingy” when it comes to their own lives and dreams. I think this is where the entrepreneur has had an epiphany. The entrepreneur identifies and acknowledges his own value and potential. This ultimately forces him to begin investing in himself. He doesn’t sit at work dreaming of how his life could be better but rather begins to take proactive steps in the direction of his dreams.

Habits Of An Investor

An effective investor is always thinking about ways and means to increase his holdings and income. His mind drifts off on autopilot and begins constructing ideas and strategies. He looks for ways to maximize every move and opportunity. His life takes on a singularity of purpose, essentially making him more effective, more focused, and ultimately, more successful. There are no shortcuts. Plans, goals, and success will always be a journey.

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