Leofinance – It’s Who We Are

A Dedicated Community

Spend enough time on Leofinance and you will soon be overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge and data that flows through this community on a daily basis. For many content creators, creating content is something of a chore. It is however uniquely different for the Leofinance community. For many, creating consistently high-quality content is a passion. Something that would leave many of us “empty” were we not to exercise this discipline on a daily basis. Enjoying what you do is a crucial aspect of attaining success in any sphere. Let’s be honest, it’s not often that you come across a successful individual who hates what they do. Being passionate about what you do comes through in whatever it is you are doing. Peruse the plethora of content on Leofinance on any given day and you will know exactly what I am talking about. Creators arrive daily to contribute and create, in order to make Leofinance what it is. There is a drive and a dedication in the hearts of many. We want to see this community and ecosystem grow, and we are not going to stop! That’s the impression that I am always left with after spending any amount of time on Leofinance. The base layer, Hive, is extremely diversified in terms of content. However, Leofinance has managed to capture the essence of its creation remarkably well. Content that is centered around finance, markets, and economic data.

I Didn’t Notice

The only time I look at the price of LEO is for accounting purposes. I am not deterred by the price, or even concerned with it, at least for a few years, anyway. I recently made the decision to power up 100% of my LEO on the 15th of every month. Hopefully, I will be able to amass a decent stack over the next few years. You can’t rush success, and you can’t rush the markets. You have to work within the seasons. Many lack the humility to understand that this market will extend gains, when and if it so chooses. Fortunately, through technical analysis, and other data, we are able to gain a glimpse into the future. Stop wrestling with the market, you can’t win! The market will extend an invitation to the “committed and the patient” when it is ready. You need to understand that a bear market is more than a price correction. It’s pruning, a cleansing, that can come no other way. Despite the immediate pain, it is the “event” that prepares the market for future growth. A bear market is a gift to those who understand it and receive it with the correct attitude.

Daily Encouragement

I don’t know about you, but I am encouraged when I see others, like myself, arriving each day undeterred by the state of the market. This is who we are… we cannot be anything else. We will keep arriving and producing, in order to firmly establish our community. So, until the next bull market arrives, we will be here, undeterred, the lions of Leofinance!

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