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2022 – The Year Of Legendary & Powerful “Shorts”

The Beauty Of Hindsight Looking back in hindsight can be one of the most powerful and teachable moments for a trader or investor. However, decisions made in the present need to be accurate, in order for the future to validate them. This is obviously… Continue Reading “2022 – The Year Of Legendary & Powerful “Shorts””

Trading – Securing Consistent Profits

Unpredictably Consistent One thing you can always count on is for the market to continue offering trading opportunities. However, as mentioned before, how and when this takes place is outside of our control. This does pose somewhat of a problem if you are choosing… Continue Reading “Trading – Securing Consistent Profits”

Bear Markets Provide Gains Only To Snap Them Back

Why Bear Markets Are Great For Trading Trading long in a bear market is not as dangerous or crazy as it seems. It all depends on what stage of the bear market you decide to trade. What we have seen in the past month… Continue Reading “Bear Markets Provide Gains Only To Snap Them Back”