2022 – The Year Of Legendary & Powerful “Shorts”

The Beauty Of Hindsight Looking back in hindsight can be one of the most powerful and teachable moments for a trader or investor. However, decisions made in the present need to be accurate, in order for the future to validate them. This is obviously… Continue Reading “2022 – The Year Of Legendary & Powerful “Shorts””

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Leverage The FUD Surrounding Coinbase & Celsius

It’s No Secret I had actually wanted to write about exchanges surviving a bear market some time ago but never got around to it. The funny thing is that oftentimes exchanges and similar-styled Crypto businesses often manage to survive the majority of a bear… Continue Reading “Leverage The FUD Surrounding Coinbase & Celsius”

One Of The Best Opportunities Currently On Offer From This Market

Reaction Matters As an investor, you can do one of two things when the market shifts against you. You can either become disillusioned and lose hope, or you can begin scouting for opportunities. Wealth is created in bear markets and later realized in bull… Continue Reading “One Of The Best Opportunities Currently On Offer From This Market”

The Beauty Of “Real Stablecoins”

Portfolio Construction I tend to repeat myself sometimes but it’s only because I consider certain approaches and practices absolutely imperative and I want people to “get it”. One of the most important practices that I continue to drive home is the need for a… Continue Reading “The Beauty Of “Real Stablecoins””

BlockFi – Deposit $100 & Receive $40 In Bitcoin!

Lending Giant When it comes to earning interest on your Crypto, BlockFi and Celsius are probably the two largest players in the space. Nexo is also quite reputable, offering some of the best rates on the market. BlockFi has been operating in the lending… Continue Reading “BlockFi – Deposit $100 & Receive $40 In Bitcoin!”

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Do You Set Yourself Crypto Earning Goals?

You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take An old saying that never seems to grow old, most likely due to it being very true. If you don’t set goals or fail to aim at reaching certain measurable points in your journey, you… Continue Reading “Do You Set Yourself Crypto Earning Goals?”

The Crypto Wealthy Mindset

One Man’s Wealth Is Another Man’s Poverty Wealth means different things to different people but at the end of the day, true wealth means having more than you need, complemented by freedom, health and a great lifestyle. The accumulation of financial wealth is however… Continue Reading “The Crypto Wealthy Mindset”