One Of The Best Opportunities Currently On Offer From This Market

Reaction Matters

As an investor, you can do one of two things when the market shifts against you. You can either become disillusioned and lose hope, or you can begin scouting for opportunities. Wealth is created in bear markets and later realized in bull markets. The majority of society thinks that the entire process takes place in a bull market, which is exactly why the majority of market participants lose money. How you choose to respond to the current market will ultimately form what you experience in the next bull run. If you were not busy during 2018 and 2019 then your returns in 2021 were nominal. Did you deserve to truly profit in 2021? The real reward belongs to those who remained committed and embraced the risk of buying the bottom. Buying the bottom appears smart in hindsight. However, in the moment, there is no guarantee of future performance, and the market is paralyzed with fear.

An Opportunity Recreated

One of the best performing Crypto assets of 2021 was the CEL token, of the lending platform Celsius. The recent carnage has ravaged alts and CEL is not excluded. CEL is currently trading at $0.79 at the time of writing and traded as high as $8.05 in June of 2021. This token is now down 90% and will most likely go lower along with the rest of the market. This is unfortunate for those who have been earning CEL over the past while but incredibly beneficial for those who chose to begin earning from this point on. Celsius enables users to earn interest on their Crypto assets. Choosing to receive interest in CEL at this point could be an extremely lucrative move. Imagine earning 10 to 15 times the amount of CEL tokens every week throughout the bear market. This is a great opportunity, especially for stablecoin holders, as many often argue about the profitability of holding stablecoins.

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The graph pictured above reveals the scope of this opportunity. If this was just another altcoin it would be a different scenario. Given that Celsius is an established leader in the space makes it a lot more likely that CEL will at some point edge higher.

Looking Ahead

I have mentioned before how earning CEL during 2020 and 2021 would have seen your interest growth outpace your initial lump sum investment were you holding stablecoins. This is probably also the case for certain alts as well but I have not actually researched it myself. The market is in my opinion recreating an amazing opportunity. Celsius is a leader in the space and even a return to $4 at a later stage would be a great reward for holding stablecoins. When you consider that new users who deposit $400 or more also receive $50 in BTC, it becomes even more attractive.

Further Bearishness Becomes Bullish

A further decline in the price of CEL will ultimately bring about an increase in the amount of CEL you are earning. This type of opportunity is simply perfect for current market conditions. You simply don’t mind the market edging lower! Holding stablecoins removes you from market volatility, provided you make use of “real stablecoins”. Compound that with the fact that you are earning more Crypto as prices drop puts you in a very strong position. You are preserving your capital while simultaneously increasing your Crypto holdings for free. Receiving a $50 BTC bonus also provides you with further free Crypto that would take you years to earn as interest on a typical $400 deposit.


I see this as a great opportunity in regards to preparation for the next bull market. Obviously, every third-party investment incurs risk, so please conduct your own research. I am personally looking for ways that I can somehow increase my assets with Celsius. Making use of the following link and code – 188954e8a2 will secure a $50 BTC bonus. Funds do however need to be maintained in your Celsius account for a minimum of 30 days in order to qualify. Depending on the asset being deposited, I always advocate depositing more than the minimum requirement to ensure inclusion. Prices can fluctuate on a minute-to-minute basis.

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