Crypto Goals – Shifting The Goalposts

Above & Beyond Initially, when I entered the Crypto space, I automatically began to formulate some goals. I think this is something that many of us do, without even realizing it. We want to envision the future possibilities and benefits of our endeavors today.… Continue Reading “Crypto Goals – Shifting The Goalposts”

Crypto Goals – A Clear Goal Brings Singularity Of Purpose

Identify & Isolate Having a very clear and specific plan and goal for your Crypto journey is absolutely imperative. If you truly wish to see substantial results in the future then you need to establish a solid plan in the present. Those who enter… Continue Reading “Crypto Goals – A Clear Goal Brings Singularity Of Purpose”

Juggling Your “Crypto Life”

“Opportunity” Still Requires Time It is often said that Crypto offers a great opportunity to build and generate wealth over time and while this is true, It still requires time, effort, and dedication. Once again, a good opportunity is not synonymous with “easy money”,… Continue Reading “Juggling Your “Crypto Life””

Hive – Beyond Synergy

The Benefits Of An Entire Ecosystem One very important dynamic that has the power to propel Hive beyond its competitors is that of being a living organism made up of multiple communities and developers. This immediately puts Hive on the “cutting edge” and forces… Continue Reading “Hive – Beyond Synergy”

The Wasted Sacrifice

It’s A Forced Sacrifice Unless you moved into stablecoins and took profits in 2021 you have no choice but to absorb the pain of this current market. However, once again, investors need to find the “silver lining”. You have no choice but to endure… Continue Reading “The Wasted Sacrifice”

One Of The Best Opportunities Currently On Offer From This Market

Reaction Matters As an investor, you can do one of two things when the market shifts against you. You can either become disillusioned and lose hope, or you can begin scouting for opportunities. Wealth is created in bear markets and later realized in bull… Continue Reading “One Of The Best Opportunities Currently On Offer From This Market”

Fantom – A Great Opportunity!

It’s All About Your Perspective The recent news regarding Andre Cronje and his decision to call it quits has hit Fantom fairly hard. However, it is not as bad as you may think. I began accumulating FTM again at approximately $1.35, which turned out… Continue Reading “Fantom – A Great Opportunity!”

In Search Of The Crypto Golden Ticket

Crypto Is Changing Lives Being actively engaged on Crypto-based social media platforms has tons of benefits, including exposure to even more opportunities and platforms. One thing that I have taken note of through my engagement in this space, is how many people have literally… Continue Reading “In Search Of The Crypto Golden Ticket”

Early Crypto Adopters Leading The Way In Employment Independence

Is It Even Employment? I specifically used the term “Employment” in the title of this article in order to attract the attention of the current global workforce. However, a more accurate description would actually be “Income Independence”. Readers need to be made aware of… Continue Reading “Early Crypto Adopters Leading The Way In Employment Independence”