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The Current “Wealth Trap”

Looking To Increase? Due to the current state of the global economy, many are seeking to increase their income, as well as their cash-generating assets. Increasing your cash-generating assets will ultimately also increase your income. The reason why I use the term ‘wealth trap”… Continue Reading “The Current “Wealth Trap””

Regulation – Governments Accidently Initiate Population Restructuring

The Push Continues There has been a lot of talk regarding the proposed banning of algo-based stablecoins in the US. This may come as a surprise to some, but for the majority of us, we have been expecting this, and more! This is the… Continue Reading “Regulation – Governments Accidently Initiate Population Restructuring”

Earning Multiple Streams Of Crypto Income Needs To Be A Passion!

Passion Fuels Creativity When you consider an avid gardener, you will immediately think of someone who is always planning. In a similar way that a passionate gardener will begin imagining a “solution” for every barren piece of ground, a passionate investor seeks out “opportunity”.… Continue Reading “Earning Multiple Streams Of Crypto Income Needs To Be A Passion!”

Securing Income Models Through Diversification

Often Overlooked When talking to anyone who has some type of Crypto or online income, you will often find that many are relying on one or two significant income streams. Although it makes a lot of sense from a practical point of view, it’s… Continue Reading “Securing Income Models Through Diversification”

Is Hive The Manhattan of Web 3?

The Essence Of A Hive Account The blockchain is a “digital land” where anyone can begin building. If we compare what is built on top of blockchains to what is built on top of physical land, we have a somewhat similar result. Essentially, we… Continue Reading “Is Hive The Manhattan of Web 3?”

How The Average Person Becomes Wealthy

Not Everyone Is A Trader For many, the long-term investment approach is the only viable option. The average person simply doesn’t have excess capital to begin making large investments, especially now. Apart from that, there are those who realize that they don’t have significant… Continue Reading “How The Average Person Becomes Wealthy”

Web 3 – Decentralized Independence

An Interesting Conversation I was at a coffee bar this morning and got into a discussion regarding a particular legacy-styled business model. As I listened to a few advocates promoting this model I was immediately reminded of how outdated and frustrating these models actually… Continue Reading “Web 3 – Decentralized Independence”

Financial Wisdom To Counter Economic Collapse

High Inflation Is Here To Stay There is a strong likelihood that when the FED meets again in September, we will be met with some “good news”. As interest rate hikes have continued to attack inflation, combined with lowering commodity prices, there is a… Continue Reading “Financial Wisdom To Counter Economic Collapse”

PancakeSwap’s CAKE Is Down 93% From 2021 Highs

The DeFi Star I think almost everyone involved in Crypto and especially DeFi has some CAKE locked up somewhere generating yield. This was definitely a no-brainer move during 2021 and even early 2022. However, the infamous bear has managed to really claw deep into… Continue Reading “PancakeSwap’s CAKE Is Down 93% From 2021 Highs”

Current Market Conditions Validate Traditional POS Over Lending

My Personal View I have stated repeatedly that I prefer traditional proof of stake to lending, as the risks are considerably lower. When you consider the benchmark returns of staking against those of lending there isn’t much difference at all. This only serves to… Continue Reading “Current Market Conditions Validate Traditional POS Over Lending”