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Current Market Conditions Validate Traditional POS Over Lending

My Personal View I have stated repeatedly that I prefer traditional proof of stake to lending, as the risks are considerably lower. When you consider the benchmark returns of staking against those of lending there isn’t much difference at all. This only serves to… Continue Reading “Current Market Conditions Validate Traditional POS Over Lending”

Trading – A Well-Defined Strategy

Beyond Binary Markets may indeed be binary in nature but trading is a lot more complex than this simple binary nature that generates profits and incurs losses. Allocation points, lot sizes, and leverage play a significant role in defining a good strategy. Simply buying… Continue Reading “Trading – A Well-Defined Strategy”

Passive Income Is At The Heart Of Wealth Creation

You Either Get It Or You Don’t The Idea of passive income has excited me since I can remember. It is the ultimate form of income and yet many fail to see its brilliance. Once it is coming in it is really inconsequential as… Continue Reading “Passive Income Is At The Heart Of Wealth Creation”

Trading Is Not An Ideal Income Model

Why Are You In Crypto? If people were, to be honest, the main objective is to make money. However, the motivation or reason behind this agenda is actually rather important. If you are employed full-time and are looking to further cushion your nest egg,… Continue Reading “Trading Is Not An Ideal Income Model”

If It’s Passive – It Can’t Be A Waste Of Time!

An Important Element Of Crypto Income Well, it’s actually an important element of any form of income! Time, it’s the one asset you can never replace or “earn”. You only have so much of it and it’s important to use it as wisely as… Continue Reading “If It’s Passive – It Can’t Be A Waste Of Time!”

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Don’t Get The Wrong Idea Whenever people hear the term “network” they often think along the lines of a multi-level marketing scheme. This is just one instance of a network and not a very good one in my opinion. Networks are also not only… Continue Reading “Your Network Is Your Net Worth”

Why Proof Of Stake Is Superior To Staking

Similar & Yet So Different Being able to stake a coin is always a great benefit to have as an option but that does not necessarily make the coin a POS (proof of stake) blockchain. Many coins and tokens now offer a staking reward… Continue Reading “Why Proof Of Stake Is Superior To Staking”

Digital Real Estate Extends Beyond NFTs & The Metaverse

It’s Not That New Many people love the idea of investing in traditional real estate for a few key reasons. Firstly, the investment tends to increase in value over time and that “guarantee” alone is enough for some. Secondly, property is an investment that… Continue Reading “Digital Real Estate Extends Beyond NFTs & The Metaverse”

It’s Always Time To Build!

One Thing Is Clear Opinions and expectations continue to reveal that nobody really knows if we are actually in a bull or bear market. I think in 2018 anyone could have definitively stated that the Crypto market was in the midst of a bear… Continue Reading “It’s Always Time To Build!”

Fantom – A Great Opportunity!

It’s All About Your Perspective The recent news regarding Andre Cronje and his decision to call it quits has hit Fantom fairly hard. However, it is not as bad as you may think. I began accumulating FTM again at approximately $1.35, which turned out… Continue Reading “Fantom – A Great Opportunity!”