In Search Of The Crypto Golden Ticket

Crypto Is Changing Lives

Being actively engaged on Crypto-based social media platforms has tons of benefits, including exposure to even more opportunities and platforms. One thing that I have taken note of through my engagement in this space, is how many people have literally turned to Crypto as a full-time career. Most are engaged in multiple areas of Crypto like myself. An accumulation of income from multiple sources creates a sustainable income. Simply relying on one particular opportunity is quite difficult to achieve but not impossible. There are also those who are grinding in the Crypto space as a side hustle, looking to experience meaningful results in the years to come. At which point, they would most likely also embark on a career in Crypto.

Crypto Outperforming Global Wages

The rise of Play2Earn and other incentivized opportunities is providing further encouragement for dissatisfied employees to match their income in the Crypto arena. In some instances, the currently employed are actually able to earn more from part-time activity in Crypto than from their day job. This depends on location, as there are literally many locations around the world where the majority of the society earns below $1000 per month.

My Year Was 2019

This was the year we sold our small business to take on a full-time journey in Crypto. I don’t refer to it as a career, or a job, as I am free to plan my day as I choose. I also enjoy what I am doing, which makes all the difference. As someone “retired” from the rat race I still put in more hours per week than your average employee. To be honest, unless I stop myself, I can just keep going until exhaustion wins the battle. Being able to work remotely is also an amazing benefit that Crypto provides.

I see a number of other full-time Cryptoneurs in the various communities are experiencing a similar sense of fulfillment as I am. They also realize that while they are working for their living today, they are also working towards their future.

What Exactly Is The Golden Ticket?

Well, I am still in search of my Golden Ticket, even though I have managed to attain a lifestyle I never thought possible. The Golden Ticket is an opportunity or multiple opportunities that literally remove you from your required income zone. In other words, you are now generating 5X or even 10X What you require on a monthly basis. The Golden Ticket is a game-changer that can propel you forward and can come via a broad range of opportunities or investments.

A decent investment in a micro-cap that goes wild, for instance. Or perhaps, building an incredible Hive account prior to the price of HIVE blasting off to $50, or even $100! There are multiple ways this can play out, which is why being as busy as possible gives you more chance of finding it.

An Old Saying

I am sure you have heard the saying, “the harder you work, the luckier you get”. I don’t personally believe in luck but there is a form of logic undergirding this saying. It’s similar to having “multiple irons in the fire”, which basically means increasing your odds. The more you do and are involved in the better your chances are of success. You may think that certain people in the community keep getting lucky but it is simply because they are everywhere. Not only are they everywhere but they are active and busy building everywhere!

Can we ever be encouraged too much? I think not, we will look back on these days in years to come. At which point, realizing what an amazing opportunity we had been given. You will at that point either be immensely satisfied because you took full advantage of the opportunity, or disappointed because you missed out on a life-changing opportunity. It’s really that simple! This disappointment can already be seen in the lives of those who threw in the towel back in 2017.

Being Committed Now Is Critical

We are currently standing at the edge of a precipice hoping that bullish violence overcomes the strength of the long-suffering bear. We however do not know which way we are headed from here. Apart from preparing yourself for either scenario, there is one other action you can take. BUIDL! Yes, building is beneficial in any and all market conditions! Let’s continue and look back without regrets and perhaps even find our Golden Ticket!

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