Five Coins/Tokens I would Pick Up In A Surprise Crash

The Mother Of All Opportunities

We all hate market crashes because of what they do to our portfolio. We see our hard work and effort being sliced away. However, a crash is only a temporary state, from which the market does eventually recover. Further accumulation in and throughout a crash is how you harness that which is intended to destroy and use it to create. In the short term value is destroyed but in the long-term value is created, provided you actually take action. I would consider a handful of income-generating opportunities, were the markets to drop severely. One of the main reasons is that I would most likely see that income increase substantially within a matter of months.

The Beloved CAKE

It was quite disappointing to see this most recent dump unfold, as CAKE had actually broken out of a long-term downtrend. In all fairness, after an extended season of bearish activity, a breakout will generally trigger a fairly decent period of price appreciation. CAKE was finally about to see some value returning when it got ambushed along with the rest of the market. Statistically, a buy at $10 or below has always been a good entry. Considering that CAKE is now trading in the $7 zone, it would be a lot lower if the market were to crash further. I would find this quite an attractive option at a heavily discounted price, as it is essentially an income generator.

Solana – Love It Or Hate It

There are a lot of mixed feelings about Solana, mostly around centralization. The truth is nothing is truly decentralized. All that you have are varying degrees of decentralization. Anyway, that’s for another debate. SOL hit highs well above $250 in late 2021 and is currently trading just below $100. A severe correction could place Solana anywhere between $40 and $70. Being a POS coin with approximately 7% APR, it would be a fairly solid move. Another aspect to take into account is that this blockchain is really being utilized. The volumes and transactions are massive. I like Solana and think it will continue to perform.

Fantom – Future Growth Potential

When you look at Fantom it is currently only ranked at number 30 and yet it is the 4th largest network by total value locked. I see a lot of room for growth here, especially considering where it is currently ranked and how well utilized it actually is. I would buy Fantom in pretty much any decent drop. Considering that you can stake FTM via the official website portal at 14% APR, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. I have actually grown quite fond of this project over the last while and believe it will make a good long-term buy as an income generator.

FTM is another coin I picked up very early but once again, not nearly enough. This is why I have to look at putting a minimal investment amount down as a rule. This way I can protect myself from missing out again. There is nothing worse than identifying a future gem and then underinvesting.


I am not looking to buy any of these tokens currently, though I do earn a few on Hive and Leofinance. However, I believe that a decent crash would create enormous value for buyers. This is largely due to the staking, otherwise known as powering up, that can be utilized to earn curation rewards on the applicable platforms. There is a great opportunity here and if they were to be heavily discounted, I would be very interested. Both tokens are currently well below their ATH levels, pointing to an even greater opportunity in the event of a crash. I have put these two together as LEO is built on Hive and is in essence is part of the Hive ecosystem. You can learn more about Hive in a recent article I published, as well as this initial article.

I have become especially bullish on Hive over the past couple of months, especially as I create content and utilize both Hive and Leofinance on a daily basis. Earning curation rewards is also another way to accumulate HIVE and LEO!

BFG – Daily Dividends

BFG is the native token of the I-gaming and gambling platform, BetFury. This is actually a great token to get your hands on, especially if you can pick it up in a serious market sell-off. Holding this token on the BetFury platform earns you daily dividends, which are paid out every 24 hours. What is rather attractive is how these dividends are paid out. Dividends are received in BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, and USDT. Wow, what a combination of quality coins! This is great for passive income that you can either use as disposable income, or to hodl for the long run.

They are actually all pretty good hodl options, especially BTC, ETH, and BNB! Holding a decent stack of BFG can generate some decent extra cash that you will have access to every 24 hours. Unfortunately, some countries are restricted, including the USA.


To be honest, the extent of great opportunities that arise when markets bleed out is actually overwhelming. This is where I see myself scooping up discounts if the markets were to tank. However, I may find that a more heavily discounted opportunity may catch my eye. It is really difficult to choose in a situation like this but at the end of the day discount and future income generation is the deciding factor for me. The market is however currently looking a little more bullish than it did a week ago, so perhaps we don’t see another heavy correction for a while. It is really difficult to tell, as many seasoned investors and traders are currently battling to read this market accurately.

We appear to be in unchartered waters, which in my opinion has a lot to do with what took place last year when China proceeded to ban all Bitcoin mining. I discuss my views of how this has actually impacted the market in “The True Extent Of The Bitcoin Mining Ban In China”. Thanks for traveling along in this edition, see you in the next one!

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