Crypto – Beyond Speculation & Into Solid Business Models

Have You Enjoyed Crazy Crypto Gains?

Over the years, I have managed to make a few really good calls, as I am sure many others have as well. There is nothing quite like picking a micro-cap that later goes on to do 100X or even 300X. This happens a lot more frequently than many think. However, I find that the majority are unaware of how to select such a project.

Firstly, the market cap is all wrong. You have to go a lot further down the list if you want to experience significant gains. Secondly, partnerships are not plastered all over social media in regard to smaller projects. Ultimately, you have to do a little bit of homework.

Even though I continue to seek out future gems, I have chosen to assign the majority of my time to endeavors within the Crypto space that are not really speculative in nature. Yes, the valuation of any Crypto asset can always spike at any given time. However, what I am talking about are income-generating opportunities. In other words, price is irrelevant. The production of income is paramount.

My Crypto Roots

Many will know that passive income ideas are extremely important to me, and I am constantly on the lookout to broaden my horizons. This fits very well into this category, as income is guaranteed, regardless of price. My existing mechanisms have been of great assistance during this bear market. When you have reasonable amounts being generated on an ongoing basis, it really does provide support and assistance.

This is why I have been so strong on this idea over the years. I know just how powerful it can be, especially during a bear market. Whether you are utilizing this income for further accumulation, or living expenses, it’s a tremendous help. Furthermore, when you factor in that the work has already been done, it’s even more rewarding. It’s now simply ongoing passive income, and that’s a great feeling.

Business-Based Ideas

Other more traditional opportunities, such as blogging and content creation are also great avenues to explore. These opportunities can simultaneously have a passive income slant to them as well. Something like Hive comes to mind. The benefits of staking together with curation are somewhat passive, though not entirely. I always look for ideas that have some type of passive income dynamic going on. Why? Well, quite simply, I want whatever I do to continue working for me indefinitely.

This is the opposite of a “job”, no work, no pay! Imagine if all the years you spent working at your day job continued to work for you into the future. This unfortunately is not the case. However, putting together your own ideas is a different story. Work for money until you have enough money to make it work for you.

Flipping The Order Of Things

This is where you get to turn the typical dynamic on its head. If capital and “ideas” are now working for you, then you are free to work as you choose. Most people however never experience this reality, as they prefer to settle for momentary pleasures instead of playing the long game. Average people who have attained a level of financial independence made sacrifices. They also worked hard, as well as smart. They sought out passive income ideas to enhance their model, understanding that it would ultimately unlock a compounding effect.

It’s a well-known fact that most millionaires have several income streams, with many of them being passive in nature. It’s very difficult for one income source to be significant because most have a “ceiling”. When you reach a ceiling, it’s best to establish something new, and so the process continues.

A Successful Attempt

Succeeding at this particular approach will ultimately produce additional capital for further speculative plays. As this market matures, I believe it is becoming imperative to rely on more than speculation. I have read taskmaster4450 mention a few times that he considers his activity on Hive as a business, which is excellent. Ultimately, he’s securing ongoing and growing income.

Merely waiting for prices to appreciate isn’t much of a strategy. You need to be building something for the future. Something that will remain, even when prices crash again. We get to build! It’s not just the devs who are building. Are you building something for your Crypto future?

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